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Canton Fair Interpretation Service
Absolute China Tours provides translation & interpretation services of diverse languages at Canton Fair. To ensure convenience in your business talks, it is suggested that you book translators/interpreters (by emailing inquiries to as early as possible, especially those of certain languages such as Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.

The interpretation service price varies with the language category and your specific requirements, and you are liable for all the other related expenses incurred by the interpreter in serving you (such as 1.5 times the regular rate for extra hours, the charge for the pass of the Interpreter to Canton Fair, transportation and accommodation expense if the interpreter has to go to other areas, etc.
LanguagesGeneral business talkInterpretation for  convention
EnglishUS$174/8 hoursUS$209/8 hours
JapaneseUS$209/8 hoursUS$262/8 hours
KoreanUS$236/8 hoursUS$314/8 hours
GermanUS$262/8 hoursUS$366/8 hours
FrenchUS$236/8 hoursUS$314/8 hours
RussianUS$262/8 hoursUS$366/8 hours
ItalianUS$262/8 hoursUS$366/8 hours
SpanishUS$262/8 hoursUS$366/8 hours
1. The price depends on the language category and your specific requirements.
2. Interpreter's working hour is 8 hours/Day. For extra hours, the price is about 1.5 times as normal.
3. The clients who will bring the interpreter to other areas need to be confirmed in advance. And the clients should pay all the transportation and accommodation expense for the interpreter.
4. The price is not inlcude the Charge for the Pass of the Interpreter to the fair. The charge is RMB330(about US$54) Per Day by the Fair.
5. Documents requested for Interpreter Pass For the interpreters employed by the visitors or exhibitors:
a. Degree certificate of certain foreign language
b. ID Card of the interpreter
c. The company of the employer and his/her signature
d. A photo with the size of 5cm * 4cm
                              Please send emails to to book the service.
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