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Canton Fair FAQs
1.Q: What’s the weather usually like in Guangzhou during the spring session?
    A: In April, it is usually warm (average 19~25°C), humid (78%), with some rains (180mm) in Guangzhou. 
2.Q: What should I do if I didn’t apply for invitation in advance?
   A:In case you didn’t apply for invitation in advance, you may get registered by filling a form at the entrance  of can-
ton fair or some  hotels appointed by canton fair, but there generally will be long queue and waste you a lot
of time. Apply for invitation in advance is obviouslybetter choice.
3.Q: What documents need I produce at the Registration Office?
    A: For visitors holding the invitation:
    1) Invitation (paper or E-invitation) issued by the Fair;
    2) Personal identity documents (Overseas Passport, H.K./Macau I.D. Card or Residence Permit,  
        Taiwan    Compatriot Travel Certificate or a Chinese Passport with at least one year foreign visa);
    3) Business Card;
    4) A recent passport photo (size: 5cm x 4cm). 
    For visitors holding “PVC” Bar-Code Card (which is valid for multiple sessions):
    1) Personal "PVC" Bar-code Card and invitation card extended by the Fair;
    2) Personal identity documents (Overseas Passport, H.K./Macau I.D. Card or Residence Permit,
        Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate). 
    For visitors without the Invitation Card:
    1) Personal identity documents (Overseas Passport, H.K./Macau I.D. Card or Residence Permit,
        Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate or a Chinese Passport with at least one year foreign visa);
    2) A filled-in Registration Form;
    3) A recent passport photo (size: 5cm x 4cm). 
    For Local Representatives (in China) of foreign firms:
    1) Invitation Card (issued by the Fair);
    2) Copy of Business Registration Certificate of Foreign Company's Representative Office in China;
    3) The employee’s ID Card plus a copy;
    4) Business Card;
    5) A recent passport photo (size: 5cm x 4cm).
4.Q: What products are to be displayed in each phase of a Fair session?
   A: Details of the product categories are shown in the following table.
Phase I Apr. 15~19, 2014
Large Machinery/Gardening Products Equipment; Bicycles; Vehicle Spare Parts, Chemical Products; Hardware; Tools;
Vehicles     (Outdoors); Construction Machinery (Outdoor); Household Electrical Appliances; Consumer Electronics;
Electrical Products; Computer and Communication Products; Lighting Equipment; Building and Decorative Materials;
Bathroom and Sanitary Equipment
Phase II Apr. 23~27, 2014
Kitchenware and Tableware; General Ceramics; Art Ceramics; Home Decorations; Glassart ware; Furniture; Weaving,
Rattan and Iron Arts; Gardening Products; Stone and Iron Products; Toiletries; Clocks, Watches and Optical Instruments;
Toys; Gifts and Premiums
Phase III May 1~5, 2014
Men and Women Clothing; Kids' Wear; Underwear; Sports and Casual Wear; Fashion Accessories; Home Textiles;
Textile Raw Materials; Carpets and Tapestries; Food; Native Produce; Health Products; Medical Devices, Disposables;
Sports, Travel and Recreation Products; Office Supplies; Shoes; Cases and Bags
5.Q: Any places of interest worth a visit in or around Guangzhou?
   A: Recommendable destinations:- Baiyun Mountain, with a beautiful, amazing Botanical Garden,Panyu Zoo, where
you may feed baby tigers and take photos with white tiger; Shamian Island, where lies in the former colonial quarters;
Guangdong Museum of Folk Handcraft; …
6.Q: How to apply for an entry visa to China?
   A: For a first-time attendee, an official invitation is needed. The visitor may opt to apply for either a paper invitation
from a local Chinese embassy or consulate or an E-invitation on-line. Please take care that a multi-entry visa is
recommended if the visitor needs to leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong and then come back to Guangzhou. Watch the
validity period of your passport, and ensure it is still valid for at least six months from the date of departure.
7.Q: How to get to Guangzhou from Hong Kong?
   A:It would be a good choice to take train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Every day, there are 12 trains shuttling
between the two cities. You can go to Hung Hom Railway Station in Kowloon when you arrive in Hong Kong, and
then take a train to Guangzhou East Railway Station. It will take you 1.5 hours and 190HKD for one ticket.
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