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E-invitation Application
As the first step to the Canton Fair, overseas buyers may opt to apply for either a paper invitation or an E-invitation. The invitation card will be needed when applying for a visa to China and getting registered and the free Entry Badge to the Fair. You may apply for a paper invitation from the embassy/consulate of People’s Republic of China in your region. But we strongly recommend E-invitation, which can be conveniently done online from us. However, E-invitation is temporarily inapplicable for: 1.Buyers from Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Please contact the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate for details. 2.Foreign firms’ representatives (with Chinese nationality) in China. As an alternative, we suggest these people register as interpreters at a charge of RMB 330/day/person.
Two ways to get E-invitation from us
A. Booking a hotel from us
If you have booked a hotel from us already, please kindly tell us your hotel booking number on your hotel booking information page and fill in the following Invitation Application Form. Then we will apply the E-invitation for you for FREE! (One booking for one E-invitation)
Hotel booking Reference Number:

B.Only E-invitation from us
The charge is USD60 per invitation. Please fill in the Invitation Application Form as below.
1. Information about Your Company:
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3. Types of your company
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