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Brine Eggs

卤(lǔ) 鸡(jī) 蛋(dàn)

Among the salt-preserved foods in traditional Chinese cuisine, brine eggs are very representative. It has a simple recipe with excellent nutrition to body's health, especially for liver, brain and a remedy for anemia, and thus welcomed by Chinese people. 
Brine Eggs, China cuisineBrine Eggs, China cuisine

The ingredients used:
The Brine Eggs originate from Henan Province of central China with attractive fragrance. The preparation is that the ingredients include approximately 1,200 grams of chicken eggs, with seasonings such as black pepper 15g, 30 grams of fine salt, 15 grams of aniseeds, soy sauce 20 grams, 30g of green Chinese onion, 15g of ginger, tsaoko 10g, and galangal 10 grams.

A hot pot of 2 liters water, adding all the seasonings prepared, boiling for about three minutes. It is for brine use. Cooling the boiled eggs in cold water and breaking the egg husks by blunt chopsticks. The final steps are to boil the eggs again in the salty soup in the hot pot, then put them on a plate, cutting to crescent shapes, and pour the salty soup, but not to pour too much. 

However, be careful. It cannot be eaten with goose meat, or else it will hurt stomach. It causes diarrhea if eaten with rabbit meat or persimmons. Also, not to eat brine eggs with turtle meat, carp fish, soybean milk or tea.

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