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Some detailed definitions the specific methods used in Chinese cooking are introduced as follows: 



Braise or natrium brine is a process that puts the cooking materials into the brine and then warm it to draw the taste of brine until it is qualified to be a dish. Generally, the natrium-brine food is tastier. The method of making such a brine dish is: putting water and soy sauce evenly, and adding sugar and wine as well as some other spices such as liquorice, cinnamon, clove and pepper and so on.

Making Procedure:
1、Cutting the materials
3、Making brine
4、Boiling brine water and putting into the materials
5、mixing them with brine for a certain time.
6、Taking them out and cutting them into pieces
7、Loading them with dish to serve the eaters with relevant spices 



Stir-frying is the often-used method in Chinese family cooking. The cooked dish is fresh and tasty, besides it can reserve the nutrition component of materials. Dish is generally fried with fast fire. The vitamin of both meat and vegetable is less broken. Please boil the oil when you are ready to put the materials into the pan. It is time-saving and facilitating our life. If you match the dish with some meat, firstly you will cook the meat and then mix it with other materials to fry. If you just want to cook some vegetables, you will firstly add some salt and oil before frying the vegetables, becaue it could keep the cooked vegetable green. Putting more salt depend on the eaters' favors when the vegetable is cooked.

Frying is classified into red frying and white frying. Red frying is strongly featured by adding sauce and the white frying is added with some salt. Frying fish slices and vegetables belong to white frying, whereas frying meat belongs to red frying. 



Simmering is strongly characterized with freshness and clearness. It requires more soup. Generally simmered dish is originally delicious and its soup is also unusual. Firstly, put the main materials and spices needed into the pot and then add necessary water. Secondly, put the pot into the larger boiler which is filled with water, and then boiling the boilers to warm water. By virtue of this way, the pot can be warmed gradually until the materials in pot are boiled. Surely, makers also can firstly boil the materials in boiled water, and then taken them out and cool them in water and then put them into the pot. Subsequently, putting the pot into the boiler and boil the boiler until the food is thoroughly acceptable, which is judged by the fragrance comes out of pot. It is quite delicious when food is cooked in this way. 

Dim Sum


Dim sum is often considered as an important part of Chinese cuisine culture, especially in Chinese folk snacks. It can be easily found on every street of China. In some high-level hotels or restaurants, dim sum is also served the last course of the formal banquet, so it is generally elaborate and pretty in the aspect of fragrance, shape and taste. From the famous Jiaozi or dumpling to diversity of dim sums with the quite good names, it always satisfies the eaters. What’s more, noodles also play great importance in Chinese dietary structure, usually as breakfast or the last course of some official dinner. Via these well-designed cooking artworks, you may can learn more about Chinese cuisine culture in some way.

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