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hefang street, hangzhou, China

Qinghefang(清河坊), also known as Hefang Street(河坊街), is a historical cultural street area located at the foot of the scenic Wushan Hill of southern Hangzhou and quite close to the famous West Lake. It is the one and only best preserved urban area of ancient Hangzhou and is a miniature of the city's history. The legendary Bai'niangzi (白娘子) from an ancient Chinese story had a beautiful love affair in Hefang Street with Xu Xian (许仙). 

►The historical statue in Hefang Street:
Hangzhou was China's capital during the Southern Song Dynasty more than 800 years ago and Hefang Street having many shops, restaurants and taverns. It has passed the test of time after the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and it is still being a prosperous marketplace today. Most of the hundred-year old businesses of Hangzhou are located here. Hefang Street had not only been the heart of old Hangzhou but also the commercial center in ancient China. 

►The unique charming of Hefang Street:
The 460-meter-long Hefang Street reflects the fascinating folk culture that is linked to Chinese tea, traditional Chinese medicine, local cuisine, old and time-honored shops and stalls selling sundry items run by Hangzhou citizens. 


the copper made Happy Buddha in the Hefang Street, Hangzhou, China
The copper-made Happy Buddha is quite eye-catching outside Zhubingren copper carving art museum.

Patriotic merchant Hu Xueyan (胡雪岩, 1823 – 1885) from the Qing Dynasty established Huqingyutang (胡庆余堂) Traditional Chinese Medicine Store. Today it is almost as famous as the Beijing Tongrentang (北京同仁堂). 

you can taste the Chinese shaobing in the Hefang Street, Hangzhou, China
The guy who sells Wudalang Shaobing(武大郎烧饼,Chinese fried bun)is a famous figure in Hefang Street.

There are two recommended places that preserved traditional Chinese cultural well: Taichi Teahouse (太极茶道, Tai Ji Cha Dao) collects and demonstrates the profound culture of Chinese tea that you can fully experience. The House of Number One Scholar (状元馆, Zhuang Yuan Guan) is a time-honored Hangzhou restaurant that serves traditional local noodle dishes, such as fried eel noodles(爆鳝面) and Pian'er Chuan (片儿川, noodles in soup with preserved vegetables, bamboo shoots and pork pieces).

the time-honored Taichi Teahouse in Hefang Street, Hangzhou, China
The traditional Chinese tea culture is the spotlight of Taichi Teahouse(太极茶道).



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