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Dumplings(Jiao Zi)

饺(jiǎo) 子(zi)


Chinese dumplings, Chinese Jiaozi, China Cuisine

How to make dumplings(Jiaozi recipe and making procedures)

Xian Dumpling Dinner(西安饺子宴)

In China, making dumpling is not only for eating but a meaningful get-together with family members or some friends, especially in Northern China. People can eat dumplings anytime, but in different areas and different time, eaters may have different emotion or sentiments. Chinese festivals are always connected with food. Eating dumpling in many festivals has been a must. 

Chinese Jiao Zi Making Procedure: 
how to make Chinese dumplings
how to make Chinese dumplingshow to make Chinese dumplings
how to make Chinese dumplings

Mixing flour: Before mixing, a cup of warm boiled water with some salt should be prepared, and then break an egg and put it into flour. Pour water slowly into a basin and stir the flour continuously with chopsticks and some time later makers need to knead the dough hard till its surface gets smooth.

Mixing stuffing: Approximately half a kilogram meat will be sufficient if there are four eaters. Put the salt, sauce, ginger, oil and water into stuffing, sometimes a little bit peppery powder could be added, and then mix it clockwisely. It is ok if you feel the stuffing has been even.

Cutting vegetable: If you prefer to eat the vegetable stuffing, generally you can select cabbage with some leek. After finishing the cutting, the water should be squeezed out, and then put them into the stuffing and add some salt. It will be ok after mixing again.

Making husk of dumpling: Get out of the flour ball and knead it into the strip shape and then cut it into several sections. Make every section into the flat shape with hand. When you make the husk, please take care that the middle of husk is thicker than four sides in order to avoid the stuffing getting out.

Making Dumpling: Put the stuffing into the middle of husk (don't put too much stuffing if you are not skillful). Nip the center of husk first and then nip two sides. Subsequently squeeze the side of husk from middle to two sides in order to avoid the stuffing getting out when dumpling is being boiled.

Boiling Dumpling: Put dumplings into water when it is boiled and the dumplings in water need stirring timely to avoid the dumplings mixing together in water. It will be ok if the dumplings are floating on the surface of water. 


Xian Dumpling Dinner:
Xian dumpling dinner(饺子宴)
was initially created by Jiaozi Hotel of Jiefang Road(解放路饺子馆) in Xian and firstly promoted in 1984. Xian dumpling dinner is comprised of hundreds of dumplings with different shapes and tastes and stuffing. Such a special dinner generally is classified into several levels such as Baihuayan Dinner(Hundred-flower Dinner, 百花宴), Mudanyan Dinner(Peony Dinner, 牡丹宴), Longfengyan Dinner(Dragon&Pheonix Dinner, 龙凤宴), Gongtingyan Dinner(Court Dinner, 宫廷宴) and Bazhenyan Dinner(Eight Precious stuffing Dinner, 八珍宴). These nice-sounding names are just literal translation and carefully choosing the cuisine names is a key factor in Chinese cuisine culture. Since then, Jiaozi Restaurant of Jiefang Road is nationwide famous. In the recent years, there are four or five thousand customers enjoying dumpling dinner every day.

Highly recommended Dumpling Dinner restaurant:
Defachang Dumpling Dinner Restaurant(德发长饺子宴餐馆) located near Drum Tower in downtown Xian has history of more than a half century which was founded in 1936. Undoubtedly, Defachang Dumpling Dinner Restaurant is quite famous only for its Dumpling Dinner.

Of course, there are some other restaurants also selling such a kind of themed dinner. So Dumpling Dinner has become one representative of Xian Cuisine. Generally speaking, many experienced visitors always say it is not the real tour of Xian without traveling to Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses and tasting Dumpling Dinner of Xian.


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