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Double-Nine Duck Neck久(jiǔ) 久(jiǔ) 鸭(yā) 脖(bó)
the headquarter of Double-Nine Duck Neck, Jiujiu Yabo in Wuhan
The headquarters of Jiujiu Yabo is based in Wuhan City.

Jiujiu  Yabo(Double-Nine Duck Neck,久久鸭脖) is initially started its headquarters in Wuhan(武汉) and urrently become a welcomed brand chain stores in many cities of China.

Jiujiu Yabo is strongly featured by fragrance, numbness and peppery. It is not numbing and peppery when eaten, but it is permanently fragrant once eaters stop. It is better to eat when it is cool.

The Selling Points:
Generally it is the best dish in summer for a group of man who get together to dinner with beers. It is a joyful time that tasting the delicious duckneck when talking something interesting outdoors. In cold days, many people do not desire to eat something, but at this time, drinking some wine and gnawing at the duck neck and duck head would help keep warm. It is also a recreational food. In subway, bus, train or other vehicles, duck-neck eaters are easily found. By the way, it is also the best food for picnics, travel and TV-watching.
the themed poster of Jiujiu Yabo
The above picture shows the themed poster of Jiujiu Yabo.

The Strongpoint:
Jiujiu Yabo is made of the time-honored secret under the assistance of modern technology. It contains more than 30 kinds of Chinese medicine herbs and natural spices. Although fragrant and hot, it is full of nutrition and low fat. It can supply the proteid,vitamin E and vitamin B. The herbs used could cure a lot of ordinary diseases. Additionally, it is also helpful for skin care.
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