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Pork Chop Soup

排(pái) 骨(gǔ) 汤(tāng)


China cuisine-pork chop soup with Chinese yam
The above photo shows the Stewing Pork Chop Soup with Chinese Yam.

There is a famous word in Chinese medicine---Better Food is Better than Better Remedy(药补不如食补). In China, Drink Pork Chop Soup is a tradition and also a fashionable viewpoint of health care. Due to the different subordinate materials added in soup, the Pork Chop Soup is also diversified into different names such as Stewing Pork Chop Soup with Kelp(海带炖排骨), Pork Chop Soup with Chinese Watermelon(冬瓜炖排骨) and Pork Chop Soup with Lotus(莲藕炖排骨), Pork Chop Soup with Chinese Yam(山药炖排骨)and so on. All of these embody the culture of Chinese cuisine in tastes. 

China cuisine-pork chop soup with corn and Chinese watermelon
The above photo show the stewing Pork Chop Soup with corn and Chinese watermelon.

Better for health care and helpful for many common diseases 

►The ingredients: 
250 grams of pork chop, 5 grams of salt, 5 grams of onion, 2.5 grams of gingers, 25 grams of lard and some sauce wine. 

►Making procedure: 
Cutting the chops into the small pieces and stewing it with lard. After a 10-minute frying till the surface of the chop turns off-white. And then braising it for 2 hours or so, and then adding the spices. It will be ok after a further braising for half a hour. 

By the way, aside from the rich nutrition, the pork chop soup can supply the children and the elder's sufficient calcium.
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