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Pork and rice noodle stewed with Chinese cabbage

猪(zhū) 肉(ròu) 白(bái) 菜(cài) 炖(dùn) 粉(fěn) 条(tiáo)


Pork and rice noodle stewed with Chinese cabbage

Pork and rice noodle stewed with Chinese cabbage is a famous cuisine in northeast China. Particularly in cold winter, a large dish of Pork and rice noodle stewed with Chinese cabbage can warm people's stomach and heart. 

The Ingredients: 
Streaky Pork(五花肉), Chinese Rice Noodle(or sweet potato noodles) (米粉或红薯粉)and Chinese Cabbage(大白菜) 

streaky pork, China cuisine
Streaky Pork(Wu Hua Rou)

Chinese sweet potato noddles
Chinese sweet potato noodles(Hong Shu Fen)

Chinese cabbage
Chinese cabbage(Da Bai Cai)

The Spices:
Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, Fennel, Sauce, White Sugar, Salt, and Wine made in Shaoxing.

Making Procedures: 
Cleaning the pork and cutting it into some large pieces. Washing Chinese cabbage cleanly. Softening the rice noodles in warm water. Burning the pork in water until the water is boiling, and then cleaning the pork carefully; adding garlic, gingers, fennel, pepper as well as other sauces; and then adding pork and wine, and then waiting for 40 minutes when it is braising. Adding soy sauce, salt and white sugar; and after 10 minutes since the pork is boiling. Adding rice noodles and Chinese cabbage after 5 minutes or so, and then mixing them together. It is ok.
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