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Stewed chicken with Sanchi(Pseudo-Ginseng Stewed Chicken)

三(sān) 七(qī) 炖(dùn) 鸡(jī)


Stewed chicken with Sanchi(Pseudo-Ginseng Stewed Chicken)

Due to the special geography and climate of Guangdong province, soup is more important than other cuisine in the system of Canton-style food. By virtue of the health-care theory of Chinese traditional medicine, the specialists of Canton-style food explore the function of ingredients and create the special technique of braising soup. 

Stewed Chicken with Sanchi(Pseudo-Ginseng Stewed Chicken) is a excellent health-care braised soup. To those poor people, it is quite useful for recovery. The water is also highlighted. It is one of the recipes that explain why the soup of Canton is so unusual.

The original material of Pseudo-Ginseng Stewed Chicken:
10 grams of Pseudo-Ginseng, 200 grams of chicken, some salt and monosodium glutamate. 

Sanqi (pseudo-ginseng), also named Tianqi(田七), is the most precious natural herb in Chinese medicine.

The making procedure:

1. Cleaning chicken and cutting it into small pieces. Cleaning Pseudo-Ginseng and cutting it into slices. Adding chicken slices and Pseudo-Ginseng slices into small ware with some water. 

2. Adding water into pot and boiling it, and then pouring boiled water into the ware. And then stewing this ware for 2 or 4 hours until it is cooked well, subsequently adding salt, monosodium glutamate and other optional spices. After waiting for a second, it will be ok.
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