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Xian Huimin Street or Muslim Street(回民街) is a themed street with approximately 500 meters long from south to north. It is paved with green stones and semi-embraced by trees on both sides of streets. The houses on both are all traditional buildings with architectural styles of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of them are the shops of hotels or wares, and all managed by Muslim people. Since its opening, this street is largely and deeply welcomed by foreign travelers.
Muslim Street in Xian absolutely serves as the landmark which is mainly famous for its cuisine. 

贾(jiǎ) 三(sān) 灌(guàn) 汤(tāng) 包(bāo)

平(píng) 娃(wá) 烤(kǎo) 肉(ròu)

肉(ròu) 夹(jiá) 馍(mó)

红(hóng) 红(hóng) 炒(chǎo) 米(mǐ)

You can sample a lot of authentic Islamic specialties, like beef or mutton Rou Jia Mo (肉夹馍) which looks like a hamburger, northwestern style noodles, and Pao Mo (泡馍), by tearing the tough "bread" into pieces and then put them in the soup with mutton and vermicelli, as well as many other attractive snacks such as the famous Xian snack brand Jiasan Steamed bun stuffed with juicy beef or mutton(贾三灌汤包), Pingwa Baked Meats(平娃烤肉)and the spicy taste Honghong Fried Rice(红红炒米) and so on. All of them will make you mouthwatering. The restaurants and eateries here are serving their food in budget prices. 

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