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Citizens of Yangshuo quite know how to enjoy life. Generally the man who understands how to enjoy life is able to reach the top level of cooking. Yangshuo citizens specialize in cooking, and perhaps it is partially associated with their life target. In Yangshuo, the top one dish must be Yangshuo Beer Fish (阳朔啤酒鱼).

At dark, the real beer fish is available when visitors enter any restaurant. Just several minutes taken, a dish of beer fish is served. Riverside people usually specialize in cooking fish no exception to Yangshuo people. Yangshou Beer Fish is famous at home and abroad in fact.

The history of Yangshuo Beer Fish is not long but appeared in 1980s. Initially, It was just a testing dish jointly operated by several individual hotels but unexpectedly it was quite famous and popular in local area. Gradually, Yangshuo Beer Fish became the representative of local cuisine to serve the visitors and guests. Today, even all the restaurants in different sizes list this dish in their menus. The brilliant local people of Yangshuo take the local materials---the wild fish of Lijiang River and pepper as well as Lijiang Beer to cook this famous dish. Hence It is an unavoidable experience when men visit to Yangshuo.

Beer fish in other places is not so delicious as it in Yangshuo. Many a man gets impressed when they ate Yangshuo Beer Fish and they also learn how to cook such a delicacy but usually fail. A local man said that It is not the real Yangshuo Beer Fish without Water of Lijiang River, Fish of Lijiang River and Lijiang Beer.

Related Tips
1. Yangshuo Beer Fish on the West Street of Yangshuo is quite real and welcome. Due to the different cooking methods, eaters may find it is different in taste in different restaurant. The most famous restaurants for its Yangshuo Beer Fish are Xie Dajie and Peng Dajie.

2. There are diversity of fishes could be selected when cooking such a dish like: carp, grass carp and catfish and so on. The price is changing according to the change of season. During the high season of tourism, it is in short supply, especially during the holiday of May Day and National Day. 
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