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Fuqi Feipian

夫(fū) 妻(qī) 肺(fèi) 片(piàn)


fuqifeipian, Sichuan Cuisine, China Cuisine

Scared by the literally translated name "Married Couple's Slices of Lung"? Actually the horrible translation is just a trick, nothing to do with Lung. Well known as a popular Sichuan-style dish, Fuqi Feipian is quite welcome in north China as a cold dish, which is made of thinly-sliced beef, beef heart, beef stomach and beef tongue aside from a multitude of spices, which surely include Sichuan peppers. Generally, its taste is both spicy and mouth-numbing. 

The dish origin----A quite interesting story:
About seventy years ago, a common couple(The husband, Guo Zhaohua, and wife, Zhang Tianzheng) in Chengdu living by making beef slices, paid much attention on improvement of the taste of the beef slices they made, and often tested with new ingredients. Finally, the beef slices they innovated were absolutely different from the beef slices the other vendors made, which  made their business boom. Interestingly, some mischievous children used to pull a prank on the couple and stick paper notes that read "Fuqi feipian" (Married Couple's Offal Slices) on their backs, and gigglingly yelled out what they pasted. Subsequently, a brilliant businessman coincidentally tasted this couple's special beef slices and he was so pleased that he gave them a gold-lettered board that read "Fuqi feipian", since then This dish became famous nationwide.

The ingredients used:
beef 100 grams, beef tongue 100 grams, beef heart 150 grams, beef stomach 200 grams, beef skin 100 grams, spices(clove, ginger, cassia, fennel, aniseed and so on), salt, red pepper oil, xanthoxylum pepper noodle, sesame, cooked pignut, bean oil, monosodium glutamate and celery 


fuqifeipian, Sichuan Cuisine, China Cuisine

Making procedure:
1. Cutting beef into slices and cleaning them together with mixture of beef(牛杂) comprised of beef tongue, beef heart, beef stomach and beef skin; Making stewed spices with salt, pepper, sauce and others and then cooking them with beef together till it is up to scratch, and then get them out and cool them, and cut the beef into the thin slices. 

2. Cleaning the celery, and cutting it into several even sections with 1 centimeter long. Prepare the boiled pignuts and something additional, and then press them into the powder. 

3. Putting the cut beef and mixture of beef in the plate and then adding the spices mentioned above. At last finishing making with the last step of mixing.

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