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China Tea Culture
Tea is the national drink in China. Chinese tea just as Chinese character has a long history, and serves as an important part of Chinese long-standing history and culture. As of today, Chinese tea has spread every corner of China from academic research to daily life. Chinese traditional culture to a most degree is closely connected with Chinese tea, even at present, drinking tea is also one of the identities to judge a person is a Chinese or not. In Chinese literature, art, philosophy and religions, Chinese tea is always associated more or less. If people or academician talk about or research on China and Chinese culture, Chinese tea will be surely mentioned or connected inevitably.
Chadao and Tea Culture
As for tea, China has tea art or Chadao or Chayi, similar to Japanese tea ceremony or Sado. It is the professional show of Chinese tea culture and the way for making and drinking tea. It also has a long history.
Cha Dao and Tea Culture
Famous Teas in China
China, Drinking tea like eating is the must for daily life. Someone may feel uncomfortable when lack of tea. In China, tea generally is separated into 6 kinds.
Tea in China
Famous Teas in China
Green Tea
Black Tea
White Tea
How to Make Tea
How to make tea is a skill formed for thousands of years, and the ancient people invented a kind of unique method to make tea mingled with Chinese muisic and zen philosophy. Generally it is comprised of seven steps. Theoretical learning is absolutely insufficient, to practise it when you visit to China!
How to Make Tea
Lu Yu and Sutra of Tea
Lu Yu(陆羽, 733-804), whose courtesy name was Hongjian(鸿渐), was born in today’s Tianmen City of Hubei Province. His another name was Ji(疾) and courtesy name was Jizi(季疵), and his literary names were Jinglingzi(竟陵子), Sangzhuweng(桑苎翁), Donggangzi(东冈子) and Chashan Yushi(茶山御史, Royally-Assigned Governor of Tea Hill). He liked tea best all the life and specialized in Tea Culture, and he wrote the world’s first masterpiece themed with tea.
Lu Yu and Sutra of Tea
Tea Wares and Water
Chadao pays more attentions to its tools including tea wares and water. Generally, Chadao is an elegant study, and the wares used should be also classic and full of culture, the most famous wares of Chadao is Yixing Zisha Pottery, and the water used also should be from the best springs lik Baotu spring of Hangzhou, Xihui stone spring of Wuxi and other famous springs
Tea Wares and Water
Top Five Springs for Tea
The quality of water used has a bearing on the taste of tea. In the Classic of Tea, Lu Yu compared spring water with water from rivers and wells, and ranked it the best water for tea. A more scientific explanation is spring water, having passed the filtration by the sand and rock in the mountain, contains less impurities, less chlorinated or ferrous compound, and more CO2 and trace elements.
Top Five Best Springs for Tea
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