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Story of Zhuzhong Lady in Bell Tower

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Currently, the bid bell of Bell Tower (Zhōnglóu, 钟楼) was not struck any more except some special festivals. At one time, the bell was played with the special sound of Xie Xie Xie(Shoe, Shoe, Shoe) . Some old men said that this is zhuzhong lady (The lady who made the bell) looking for her shoes. 

Emperor built the drum tower and wanted an equivalent bell tower as well. So Emperor ordered the craftsmen to cast a big bell with 6500 kilograms. The related the officials called on the best bell-casting workmen and gather them together to jointly cast this big bell. They eventually cast the first big bell and thought they would be rewarded by Emperor. But unexpectedly, the Emperor was quite not satisfied with their work and thought the big bell should not be made of iron which looked quite terrible. Emperor ordered them to cast another ideal big bronze bell in next three months and warned them of serious death penalty of they could not accomplish the bell. But what is worse, at the last night of the deadline, they can not cast the big bell for the raw material is not the inferior Bronze, which is hardly coagulated. But even if it was coagulated, the bell was still malformed. They had no other choice but wait for death once the next day came. There was an oldest and respectable craftsman who had a little daughter. On that day, his daughter sent food to him and heard this news. She cast herself into the burning furnace without hesitation. She was too fast to be stopped, and his father only kept one of her embroidered shoes. More surprisingly, the bronze water became another color. They worked hard together and finally cast this big bell. Later, there was a Zhuzhong Lady Memorial was build nearby.
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