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Ghost Stories of Forbidden City

Ghost stories of Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Forbidden City was never called Palace Museum before. This world’s most luxurious, stern and grand palace complex. Since the fourth year of Emperor Yongle, it has for 600 years served as the residential mansion of two imperial families. Forbidden City as the sign or symbol situated at the center of Beijing city. Up to the present, in some way, it is still supreme and solemn, and to some extent symbolizes the power, desire and death. 

The palace in Beijing City in the past 600 years was only available among the high-level classes. Outsiders were forbidden to enter and could not know more about it. It is riddled with mystery and horror apart from the solemnity and honor. But many people always remind themselves of the stories of ghost. There are many ghost stories. They can be compiled as a ghost-themed book.

Qu Zhengyin, a manchu expert on folklore, recently collected a large amount of ghost stories in Forbidden City, and some of them have the touching and life-some content and unexpected results. A lot of ghost stories show that the gatekeepers at night can always hear the music played by someone in Forbidden City and always can see several group of ladies-in-waiting and eunuchs went by. The stories also analyze the reason why the gatekeepers can hear and see the horrible sounds and scenes: that is because the gatekeepers had a poor health and were harmfully influenced by Yin Qi or Negative Qi, which would be harmful to his next generation. Lao Tian as the guarder of Di An Men(地安门) absolutely does not agree such a standpoint. He said it was quite ridiculous. He said:” whether it has music performance or not, people can take a listening nearby Jinshan Hill, besides, my family members are fine. It is really funny that someone said it can bring the negative qi to my family. If like this, all guarders like me will resign naturally.”

But relevant stories and narrations are quite popular in public. They are spread orally. Many local people, especially the old people believe it is true. Many people said they really heard horrible shouting and cry at night. Someone also shared his experience that several months ago he heard the ghost-like shouting: “it is mine! It is mine!” was surrounding him at night after he visited a themed exhibition of concubines’ jewelry and headgears in Forbidden City. It is really fearful.
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