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Beijing - Urumqi - Turpan - Korla - Kuqa - Hetian - Kashgar

Description :This is a classic tour especially made for those who are interested in exploring the mystery of Chinese ancient Silk Road, including comprehensive sightseeing as well as local cultural activities and performances appreciating in Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Kucha, Khotan and Kashgar. Besides visiting several ancient Kingdom’s ruins to recall the past glory and prosperity, you will have memorable experience like camel riding cross the desert, watching Xinjiang dancing performance and joining campfire party.
Tour Code : CHSR-11
Price : from US$2831 p/p
Departure Date :

Day 1

Beijing   (No meal included)

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the guide and be transferred to your hotel in the city center.

Day 2

Beijing -> Urumqi   (B)

After enjoying your breakfast you will be transferred to the airport for the flight to Urumqi.

In the afternoon enjoy a half day free at leisure.

Tonight you can enjoy a local flavor dinner at a local restaurant by yourself  in Urumqi.

Day 3

Urumqi -> Turpan   (B, L, D)

Visits : Karez, The Grape Gorge

This morning you will be driven to Turpan. After that, begins the tour with Jiaohe Ancient City.As the best preserved town ruin in China, Jiaohe Ancient City was uniquely arranged, containing an above part and an underground part. In the afternoon continue to appreciate Karez Irrigation System considered 1 of the greatest engineering achievements of ancient China. Our next stop is Grape Valley.Turpan is famous for its grapes, especially the seedless variety, called sultanas when dried Tonight, you are going to join local boys and girls in their singing and dance.

Day 4

Turpan   (B, L, D)

Visits : Jiaohe Ancient City, Turpan Museum

After enjoying your breakfast we set off for the lowest elevation in China, the Aydingkol Lake. Though it is only about 50 km from Turpan city, the road condition is all ready to give you a free massage. After having lunch pay a visit to Emin minaret and Turpan Museum to feel the special charming of the city. The last visit for the day is Tuyoq Village where it is an oasis-village in the kumutage desert, with a well preserved Uyghur orientation, and few tourists.

Day 5

Turpan -> Korla   (B, L, D)

This morning you will be driven to Korla. In the afternoon visit the Lop Nur. This is an important region where one studies about the lost kingdom,Loulan; and also the origins of Tarim Basin.

Day 6

Korla -> Kuqa   (B, L, D)

Today you will be driven to Kuqa. In the afternoon we visit the Kyzil Buddha Caves; they are among the earliest of Buddhist cave sites in China and show strong design styling from Persia, India and even central Asian and Greco-Roman influences.

Day 7

Kuqa   (B, L, D)

This morning explore some of the other Buddhist grottos around Kucha today included Kizil Kagha Grotto and Kizil Kagha beacon towe which is the oldest one now in China. After having lunch on our way to the Kizilya Valley, where the rocks in the red mountain appear to be the result of a huge explosion, we visit the ruins of the ancient city of Subashi, or "old Kucha."

Day 8

Kuqa -> Hetian   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast you will be driven to Khotan. This afternoon on the way traveling through Taklamakan Desert to Khotan, we will pass by Tarim River,the longest in land river in China. Besides we also have the chance to see some of the desert and surrounded local villages.

Day 9

Hetian   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast we enjoy a half day city tour of Khotan including the Jade River, Silk Village and a local Mosque. This afternoon drive half an hour to the edge of the Taklamakan Desert and then hop on a camel ride about 3 hours. When the sky turns to be dark, we camp overnight in the desert we sit beneath the enormous desert night sky, warming ourselves around a campfire.

Day 10

Hetian   (B, L, D)

After enjoying your breakfast we de-camp our campsite and continue our camel ride to visit the ruins of Rawak Temple.It is the only temple which has a Gandhara style (similar form as an Indian temple) which is quite well preserved in Khotan district. The Uygur word "rawak" means "pavilion". In the afternoon we visit the smallest Buddhist temple in the world China called Damko temple ruins(120km,more than an hour drive). This site has just recently been found and is still quite unknown to the outside world.

Day 11

Hetian -> Kashgar   (B, L, D)

This morning you will be driven to Kashgar. In the afternoon visit to the Tomb of Yarkant King and have lunch at Yarkan (Shache).

Day 12

Kashgar   (B, L, D)

This morning we do a city tour including the Idkah Mosque, Handcraft Street, like its name Kashgar was so called as the center of hand crafts such as iron, wood, cooper and gold products. visit the outstanding Sunday Market, the biggest in Asia. It attracts 50,000 people to view, thousands of donkeys, camels and sheep, as well as a huge range of merchandise, this will be a memorable experience. This afternoon we take a walk into the old town of Kasghar and visit a Urgur family.

Day 13

Kashgar -> Urumqi   (B, L)

This morning you will be transferred to the airport for the flight to Urumqi.

After lunch enjoy a half day free at leisure.

Day 14

Urumqi   (No meal included)

Free till being transfered to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

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