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Lanzhou - Xining - Qinghai Hu - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Urumqi

Description :with the opening of new high speed railway, in order to have a fast and economical travel. This route is created. It has combined the ancient Silk Road, collected the essence of this area, and includes natural scenery, agricultural classic and human custom.
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- Experienced English speaking guide in each city
- Air-conditioned private car or van for transfers and sightseeing
- Train as specified in the itinerary
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- Travel Agency Liability Insurance

- Flight transportation
- Chinese visa
- Personal expenses such as: excess luggage charge (please verify your flight documentation), beverages, laundry services, etc.
- Tips or gratuities to local driver and guide


It is the unique city in China that is divided into the southern and northern sections by the Yellow River, the mother river of the Chinese. Lanzhou is located in the heartland of China, and its urban area and the beautiful night scenes are like many metropolises in the country. But its custom, atmosphere and food are so different. It is a place that you must count in your Chinese tour. The air is often cool and dry ; snacks like beef and mutton noodles and casseroles are very delicious, as well as local fresh fruits.


If you are traveling in China, it is the halfway on your trip to Tibet. The city's sunlight is so bright, which will pierce your skin to some extent, even during cool weather. Suntan oil is a must for a Xining tour. Although the inhuman ultraviolet rays are so strong, the beautiful blue sky is very attractive to your eyes. The ultimate fairness of this color will arouse your desire of staying here with no thought of leaving. The fragrance of grill mutton can be smelt all over the streets in Xining. Mutton dishes are so popular in this western China's city. Mo, a kind of tough bread eaten with meat and vegetable dishes, is a staple food in the northwestern region of China. Mo and mutton are the main delicacies on the serving tables in night markets of Xining city. It is said that when a traveler has left Xining, the fragrance of mo and mutton will be sent into his taste buds, so he will only remember the grill mutton taste of Xining.

Qinghai Hu


A lesser known town in northwest China, but traditionally, Zhangye is regarded as a golden city on the Silk Road. It is a place having a good prairie and it was a military base in ancient China. An ancient Chinese poet once said, "If you don't see the great view the snowy Qilian Mountain (in Gansu Province), you will think you're in the lower reach of the Yangtze River !"


It is said that in Ming Dynasty there was an artisan working on this pass, called Yi Kaizhan, who was good at arithmetic. As long as the materials needed were accounted by him, the accuracy and economization of material needed were available. The inspector did not believe it at all and required him to count the number of the bricks used for establishing this pass. After Yis careful account, he said there were 99,999 bricks. Afterwards, the inspector bought the bricks according to his words and said I will kill you and punish the other workmen to work for more three years for penalty if there is one more brick left or lacked. Finally there was one brick left as the completion of the pass, and this brick was set on the dais. The inspector was joyful to find this and wanted to impropriate these workmens hire. However, Yi Kaizhan responded calmly: This brick was set by god, and it is immoveable. If you move it by force, the whole pass will be collapsed. The inspector did not dare to baffle him any more after hearing his word. From then on, this brick was kept there and nobody dared to remove it. Nowadays, we are able to see this brick on this pass.


As the furthest inland city in China, Urumqi gives you feelings of sunshine, flowers blossoming, beautiful Uygur girls with colorful clothing and a religious atmosphere from the mosques which dot all over the city. It is also a city of elegance, with much palace-like architecture, even for some supermarket buildings. Antique and musical instrument shops as well as exotic snack stalls are common sights.

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