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Kunming - Yuanyang County

Description :For traveling, some of us like carrying a backpack, taking a camera and strolling around the most beautiful nature landscapes to record our feelings and emotions immediately. In this itinerary, we will recommend you Yunnan Dongchuan Red land and Terraced field in Yuanyang. Also you can have a chance to admire Hani culture in Yunnan.
Tour Code : YN-04
Price : from US$903 p/p
Departure Date : You choose

Day 1

Kunming   (D)

When you arrive at the Kunming Airport, our tour guide and driver will warmly greet you and drive you to the downtown hotel for a rest. (Golden Dragon Hotel 4-star)>

Day 2

Kunming   (B, L, D)

Visits: Fabulous Red Land, Luoxia Ditch, Jinxiu Garden, Moon Field, Sunset

After breakfast in the hotel, you will start your Yunnan tour at Dongchuan (165.3km away from Kunming). Here you will see the fabulous red land. The red earth has evolved because of the high temperature and rainy climate, and the main highlights are Luoxia Ditch, Jinxiu Garden and the Moon field which are between 1800m to 2600m above the sea level.

The industrious local people plant crops on this great red land, presenting a wonderful photo opportunity.. After seeing the sunset, you will be returned to your hotel. (Red Land Impression Hotel, Dongchuan 4-star)

Day 3

Kunming   (B, L, D)

Visits: Sunrise in Damakan 

If you rise nice and early this morning you will have the chance to witness the spectacular sunrise from the observation deck where you will be able to take some fantastic photographs. It is worth getting out of bed for this sight. . Today you will spend three hours traveling back to Kunming. After lunch, our driver and tour guide will escort you to Yuanmou which takes almost 3.5 hours. (Cave Hotel, Yuanmou 4-star)

Day 4

Kunming   (B, L, D)

Visits: Yuanmou Dust Forest, Yuanmou Museum

Yuanmou Dust Forest has a history dating back more than millions of years. It is a natural, but strange geographical phenomenon. These naturally sculpted dust pillars have unique shapes; some are shaped like ancient castle temples, pagodas, swords, rousant eagles, running horses, soldiers with helmets, and so on. Everyone who sees them likens them to the works of God. Mineral substances like mica and quartz decorate the pillars and in the sunshine it makes the dust forest even more colorful and gorgeous. You will then move on to the Yuanmou Museum. Inside of the museum, you will see samples of fossilized teeth of ancient Yuanmou people as well as other beautiful exhibits . After this wonderful day you will be returned to your hotel. (Golden Dragon Hotel 4-star)

Day 5

Kunming -> Yuanyang County   (B, L, D)

Visits: Terraced  Fields, Stone Forest in Lunan County, Sunset at Tiger Mouth Terraced Fields

After breakfast in Kunming, our tour guide and driver will escort you to Yuanyang to visit the terraced fields. On the journey, you can visit the Stone Forest in Lunan County (a UNESCO geological park). Then, you will head for the Tiger Mouth Terraced Fields to watch the sunset. This viewing experience is truly breathtaking and the pictures you take home to your family will leave them speechless and the natural beauty the you saw.. (Yunti Hotel 4-star)

Day 6

Yuanyang County   (B, L, D)

Visits: Terraced Fields (Sunrise, Bada Village, Sheng Village)Hani Mushroom house

Later this morning, you will proceed to Bada Village, Sheng Village and Qingkou Hani Nationality Folk Culture Ecological Tourism Village. There, you will have a chance to get to know the quintessence of Hani Culture through some activities such as visiting a Hani Mushroom house, viewing Hani costumes, and seeing implements of production, utensils and facilities, we will then take you to the Tiger Mouth to watch the sunset. (Yunti Hotel 4-star)

Day 7

Yuanyang County -> Kunming   (B, L, D)

Visits: Xingmeng Village

After having breakfast in the hotel, you will depart for Kunming from Yuanyang. In order to make the road trip more interesting, we will arrange a stop-off at Xingmeng Village in Tonghai County which is the only Mongolian Village in Yunnan Province. If you are traveling in December you can catch the Nadam Meeting (which is a grand festival for Mongolians) whereyou will see polo, horse riding, archery, motorbikes and other brilliant performances. (Golden Dragon Hotel 4-star)

Day 8

Kunming   (B)

After breakfast in the hotel, you will say goodbye to Kunming and be transferred to the airport.

Day 9

Kunming   (B)

Free till being transfered to the airport. End of the fabulous tour in China.

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