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China Train Schedule
When you’re traveling across China, it’s a good bet that a lot of your destinations will be reached by train. China’s extensive train system is the best way to get to many cities and towns along your route and with the country’s high-speed rail technology. When you train travel in China, you'll see it is an efficient way to get where you’re going, as well as the best way to view the country-side. From impressive mountains capes and wild forest areas to bustling towns and cities, the sights of China are right outside your train window. (More)

Absolute China Tours can help you decipher the Chinese train system and get you to the best train cars for your journey, to bring amazing Chinese scenery directly to you! Enjoy rider’s-eye views of historic shrines and temples, colorful town squares, and the serene wilderness in between from your modern train car.

Your Trains

To look at how the Chinese train system operates, check out our “China trains” page to learn all about how to train travel in China. We’ve compiled a list of the various types of China trains to help you recognize the best and fastest lines. We’ve also included ticket print-out images so you can know what to look for when selecting a specific kind of train.

Use our online China train directory to find train routes for whatever provinces you’re going through. Just enter your originating city and destination to see which trains travel on that particular route.

You can also evaluate features of different train seating options. Choose from a hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper or soft sleeper options. We know that your seating choices can affect your trips, so we’ve made sure to let you know about your seating options!

Along with these resources, you can also see pricing details which include price guides for children, and a domestic China train map that shows a variety of major train routes you can use as a basis for planning travel.

Booking your China Trains

Although we only include a train ticket selling service for our designated train tours, you can talk to us about your train destinations. Email or call our travel center and find out more from our friendly and expert staff for great information on train travel in China.

China Train Search option 1 Search Trains Between Two Major Stations

  1. 1. Choose from the major stations in China to search for trains between them;
  2. 2. If you can't find your station from the drop-down menu, please refer to Search Trains between two of all Stations

China Train Search option 1 Search Trains Running across a Certain City

Choose one of major Chinese cities to search for all trains that running across this city.

China Train Search option 1 Search Trains by Train NO.

example: T2, t2 (Letters are case-insensitive.) Chinese trains come in five kinds: regular(only numbers), fast(K/N),
express(D/T), direct(Z),tourist(Y) and temporary(L). Make sure your input is exactly correct to avoid wrong matches.



  1. 1. This information is for reference only. Our data is updated regularly but train schedules change without notice. China Absolutechinatours cannot be held responsible for variations which happen from time to time.
  2. 2. China Absolutechinatours does not provide a service to sell train tickets unless included as part of a tour package.
  3. 3. The Chinese railway authorities may raise the price of train tickets during holiday periods and festivals or during periods of high demand. China Absolutechinatours cannot be responsible for variations to the fares indicated in our search engine. These fares are for reference only.
  4. 4. Please be advised that not all the trains depart daily. Please refer to local stations for detailed information of those trains.

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