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The commencement of construction of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway was started from April 18, 2008, and the rail ranges from Southern Train Station of Beijing to Hongqiao Train Station of Shanghai. The total mileage is more than 1318 kilometers and the whole investment is 220.9 billion Yuan. The railway track was laid completely on November 15 2010, and put in use June, 2011. The construction of this high-speed way will shorten the time consumption between Beijing and Shanghai. The whole route is comprised of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei province, Shandong province, Anhui province and Jiangsu province. It is quite famous as a new-style rail after the foundation of New China for its longest mileage, largest investment and highest standard

Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway is located in China’s east and north part and connects two important economic region of China: Round Bohai Economic Circle and Yangtze River Delta Economic Region. This line covers roughly 6.5% of Chinese territory and 26.7% of population. There are 11 large cities with a population over one million. And the sum of GDP of these 11 cities covers 43.3% of the total of China. All of these cities are the most active and potential areas in economic development, hence, regarding the further economic development and passenger transport, building Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway is quite advisable. It will relieve or share the big pressure of transportation between Beijing and Shanghai, and also will be the busiest and most potential passenger line of China. The whole line is mainly comprised of the plain, and some parts belong to the mountainous area. And the entire line will pass four largest rivers of China:
Yellow River, Huai River, Hai River and Yangtze River.

The basic structure of the railway is generally parallelized with Beijing-Shanghai Railway, and the total length is approximately 1318 kilometers, and 140 kilometers shorter than the Being-Shanghai Railway. The total time consumption is 5 hours, and the annual one-way passenger capacity is more than 80 million. And its targeted speed is 380 kilometers per hour. The level of the railway belongs to the super high-speed passenger transport line. And there are 24 passenger stations in the whole route, one in Beijing, 2 in Hebei province, 2 in Tianjin Municipality, 6 in Shandong province, eight in Jiangsu province, 4 in Anhui province and one in Shanghai. The list of the railway stations on the whole line are hereinafter: 

Beijing: Southern Railway Station of Beijing
Hebei Province: Langfang Railway Station and Cangzhou Railway Station
Tianjin: The West Railway Station and South Railway Station of Tianjin
Shandong Province: East Railway Station of Dezhou, West Railway Station of Jinan, West Railway Station of Taian, East Railway Station of Qufu, East Railway Station of Tengzhou and West Railway Station of Zaozhuang.
Jiangsu Province:East Railway Station of Xuzhou, Southern Railway Station of Nanjing, West Railway Station of Zhenjiang, North Railway Station of Danyang, North Railway Station of Changzhou, East Railway Station of Wuxi, North Railway Station of Suzhou, South Railway Station of Kunshan
Anhui Province: East Railway Station of Suzhou, South Railway Station of Bengbu, Railway Station of Dingyuan and South Railway Station of Chuzhou
Shanghai: Hongqiao Railway Station

And the whole line will extend across Taishan Mountain Scenic Area of Taian city, Qufu where is famous for the culture of Confucius and Confucianism, Tengzhou where is famous for Mohism Culture, Lu Ban Culture, Xue State Culture of Ancient Teng Kingdom and Weishan Lake Scenic Area of Tengzhou. And there will be a High-Speed Railway Station in east district of Xuzhou, the second largest and northernmost city of Jiangsu province famous for its ancient mausoleums and wall paintings. And surely, the line will contains some famous tourist cities in the downstream section of Yangtze River like Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and finally the terminal of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. These cities are all the hot destinations of China travel. So in some way, Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway is also a Special Line of Travel and Leisure.


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