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Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway is Chinese first high-level high-speed railway passenger transport line. The total length is approximately 120 kilometers, and it connects two metropolises: Beijing and Tianjin, both belonging to the top municipalities under the direct management of central government. The special passenger line shaped on the basis of the national political preference and the local governmental support. The whole line is absolutely different the common railways both in the technological support and train services. This high-level high-speed rail line started on July 4, 2005 and thoroughly opened on December 15, 2007. On Oct. 1, 2008, the whole line was put into use.

The whole high-speed railway from Beijing to Tianjin has four stations: Southern Railway Station of Beijing, Yizhuang Station, Wuqing Station and Tianjin Station. And an additional station called Yongle is preserved. The designed speed of the railway is 350 kilometers per hour. Originally, it was also a special line serving the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The railway starts from southern station of Beijing to Tianjin station, and 85% of the line is comprised of the elevated lines. The time spent via this Beijing-Tianjin High-Speed Railway is approximately 30 minutes. The Beijing section of this line was roughly 49.3 kilometers long, and the elevated part is 42 kilometers. And the line goes through the second round, third round, fourth round, fifth round and Tonghuang Road. And the rail crosses Chongwen district, Fengtai district, Chaoyang district, Tongzhou district as well as Liangshui River Bridge. Passengers of Beijing do not need spend a lot of time to take high-speed train, because the beginning station is above No.4 Beijing subway. The end of the rail in Tianjin is connected with the No.2 subway of Tianjin. The bullet trains used on this route all belong to the new style of CRH2C as well as CRH3 trains with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The trains are all thoroughly invented and created by Chinese people, and the technology used is also internationally advanced.

Someone comment the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway is an intercity bus between Beijing and Tianjin, because it indeed plays a key role in the daily transportation between Beijing and Tianjin. Beijing-Tianjin High-Speed Railway has been the accelerator of the economic development in the region of Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Economic Region. Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan region is one of economic region owning the fastest economic development as well as the places with high urbanization. The high-speed train shortens the time consumption on the way from Beijing to Tianjin to 30 minutes or even less. And it surely largely facilitates the transportation and economic exchange of two largest cities of China. Thanks to this rail, Beijing and Tianjing together forms a half-hour economic circle, and it highly promotes the development of Tianjin in many aspects.


Beijing-Tianjin High-Speed Railway speeds up the integration of two cities. Theoretically, the railway realizes the mobility of people of two cities and optimizes the resources allocation as well as changes the life concept and custom of people living in two cities. After the run of this railway, many people of Beijing and Tianjin begin a new style of life that working in Tianjin or Beijing but residing in Beijing or Tianjin. The effect of Oneness of Beijing and Tianjin becomes more vivid. Since the opening of this high-speed rail, many Beijing people have one more leisure option that tasting the snacks of Tianjin and enjoying the traditional comic dialogues. In China, every large-scale infrastructure invested by government will bring a long-term and quite effective influence in many ways like the formation of economic circle. Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Economic Circle is a typical representative. Thanks to Beijing-Tianjin Intercity High-Speed Railway, Northern China is facing a big change in many realms, which of course include travel and leisure.



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