Recommended Attractions Along HSR: Worth A Visit

Luoyang Longmen Grottoes: One of the three most famous ancient sculptural sites in China

Longmen Grottoes are located in the bank of Yi River, the southern suburbs of Luoyang, one of four Buddhism Grottoes in China.

Dengfeng Shaolin Temple: Touch Chinese Kongfu in the well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you are extremely crazy about Chinese Kungfu, Shaolin Kungfu will be always your top selection for exercising.

Tianjin Yangliuqing: Famous historical and cultural Chinese market town

Yangliuqing is an ancient town with a history over thousand years in the west of Tianjin.

Tongxiang Wuzhen: Experience the top water town near Shanghai with rich cultural background

Wuzhen lies in the north of Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, and at the center of the triangle formed by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing.

Qufu: Get into the hometown of Confucius, the great Chinese thinker and social philosopher

Qufu, as Chinese cultural and historical city, is the cradle of Chinese ancient emperors in politics and ideology.

Shaoguan Danxia Mountain: Appreciate China Red Stone UNESCO Geopark near Guangzhou

The so-called Red Stone Park of China, Mount Danxia, is located in Shaoguan of Guangdong Province.

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