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Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway is the earliest part of Xuzhou-Lanzhou High-Speed Railway, one of ten high-speed railways in the long-term construction blueprint and comprised of Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xian, Baoji and Lanzhou. On June 28, 2009, this high-speed passenger rail was opened. Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway starts from East Station of Zhengzhou to North Station of Xian by way of Luoyang, Sanmenxia and Weinan, and meanwhile it also connects to Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, Dalian-Zhanjiang High-Speed Railway and Baotou-Liuzhou High-Speed Railway. The total mileage is 456.639 kilometers. Additionally, the extension from North Station of Xian to West Station of Xianyang is over 27.88 kilometers. The whole line includes 10 stations: Yongyang South Station, Gongyi South Station, Longmen Station of Luoyang, Mianchi South Station, South Station of Sanmenxia, West Station of Lingbao, North Station of Hushan, North Station of Weinan, East Station of Lintong and North Station of Xian. The maximum transportation capacity of Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway is 83, 400, 000 per year.

Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway is a double line going across western mountainous region of Henan province and alluvial plain of Wei River. Qingling Mountain Range is located on the south, and northern side is Yellow River, and specially, 80% section of the line is covered with loess. Due to the feature of loess plateau, it brings a great technological challenge to the rail design. The design speed is 350 kilometers per hour,

As the opening of Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway, people’s life of Xian and Zhengzhou as well as the residents living on both sides of the railway are absolutely changed and improved. Firstly, the time from Zhengzhou to Xian is largely shortened, and it will speed up the efficiency of people’s life and daily schedule. This rail also activates the interconnection between two largest cities in Middle China and West China. The significance of this railway construction largely shows the powerful push to local economic development, and Xian-Zhengzhou Economic Region would appear in sequence, which exactly shows the preference of China to the balance of domestic economic development as well as the implementation of the state strategies of Western Development and Middle China’s Rising, and it will largely upgrade the life of local people, and further consolidate the stability and prosperity of China at present. The opening of this railway also is the reconsideration and reestablishment of domestic political and cultural layout and it will dramatically prompt the fast development of China’s tourism industry, especially the Middle China and West China, which traditionally are the best tourist destinations of China tourism, the long-standing history and culture present them a great treasure both in spirituality and materiality.

The railway goes through Zhengzhou, Xian, Luoyang, Mianchi, Sanmenxia and other areas, and these cities or destinations are all the quite famous places in Chinese history and culture. The run of Zhengzhou-Xian High-Speed Railway will boost the development of tourism in middle and west parts of China.

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