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For traveling around China, train is the most convenient way. Please forget the bad impression caused by the old or distorted news you've seen in different ways. Nowadays trains in China are dependable, comfortable, and widely-used, even for senior people traveling alone. Traveling by train is quite an interesting experience, you can meet the local people and you may try to make friend with them.

The railway network covers every province in China including Chinese largest island province, Hainan Island. In 2006, the brand-new Tibet link has been opened to service, a new horizon for travelers to explore curiosity. It is the highest railway in the world by overcoming many technical and natural difficulties. If you are planning to travel China by trains, some suggestions on trains below perhaps take your travel more comfortable and impressive:

1. The trains that travel between big cities in China are equipped with air-conditioning and quite clean. Generally the trains have 4 classes: hard seat, hard bed, soft seat and soft bed. Short distance trains normally have hard seats only, albeit some intercity ones also have soft seats. Long distance trains, soft and hard class beds are available. Soft bed carriages consist of comfortable 4-berth compartments with full beddings provided. Hard bed class has 6 bunks, i.e. 2 upper, 2 middle and 2 lower berths installed in a compartment. The compartments are usually arranged in a row on one side of the corridor, with seats and small tables on the other side of it for daytime use. Soft sleeper class, which has a greater space, is highly recommended for visitors to China. In addition to the ordinary hard and soft bed classes, the important routes like Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong and Beijing-Xian have deluxe soft class 2-berth compartments with individual television screens and private washrooms.

2. During the holidays such as Spring Festival holiday, National day, the trains in China are extremely busy with passenger transport, so it is not advisable to go visit by trains at this special time. But visiting by planes, cars or ships are feasible and available in vehicle selection during this period.

3. Choosing the long-distance itinerary by trains, you had better carry enough food by yourselves, for generally the price of food sold in trains is more expensive.

4. In winter, generally in Northern China, at night if you sleep on the top layer of hard bed (generally it is divided into three layers), it will be better to sleep with thick clothes, because it is usually cold at midnight. Be careful of cold.

5. Trains generally stop shortly in many stations on the way. It is for passenger in different places to get on trains and for trains to get the water-supply and energy-supply, so at this time, please do not leave the compartments or get off the trains for rest or shopping.

6. Generally in the hard-bed and soft-bed compartment, the TV programs are available, but most of the programs are shown in Chinese, it will be better for you to know a little bit Chinese. The washrooms in the trains are generally provided in each compartment and located at the end of the compartment, and it is the same as the dustbin. When you are waiting for using the washrooms, please take care of the door of washroom. They are many similar cases happening that passengers’ hands are clamped by doors.

7. Most trains have dining cars serving meals that mainly of Chinese style with Western soft drinks and beer provided. The quality of the meals is quite acceptable. The train staffs also pull carts regularly offering various kinds of food and beverage.

8. Always arrive at the station about one hour in advance the departure of the train. In major cities, stations can be very busy and it may take some time to find your train. In many train stations your baggage should be X-ray checked before getting on the trains.

9. Before you getting on the trains, please prepare your baggage, clothes, tickets for entrance check and X-ray check. In China, many forbidden things are excluded, such as fireworks, knifes, chemical products and so on.

10. Generally, children within the stature of 1 meter are enjoying the relative rights in buying train tickets. Besides, in trains, train policemen possibly check your passports for ensuring who you are. In China, the civilians’ ID cards are also checked. Hence keep in mind of carrying your passport by yourselves when you are ready to visit China by trains.

All in all, the suggestions above on trains in China are practicable, perhaps more details you will find or experience on it, so warmly welcome you to give us your feedbacks concerned in our website weblog.



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