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Beijing, the Cultural, Political and Economic Nexus of China

The political and cultural nexus of China, Beijing has mushroomed into a mega international hub where myriad cultures converge and complement each other.
Romanticized by its 500,000-year-old history, Beijing is not shackled to its illustrious past, instead, it marched towards the promising future at head-spinning speed. A future co-shaped by its international denizens. A future traverses boundaries, frontiers and time. A future of shared vision.

Ambling through this city, you will be on a journey shuttling between the past and the future constantly. No matter what you are looking for, its dramatic cityscape, fascinating contrasts and impeccable vibrancy are bound to fulfill.

Hemmed in by the unending and ever-expanding futuristic skyscrapers is a maze of winding Hutongs, resplendent royal palaces, mansions, drum towers, promenades, glistening lakes. Temples and parks.

Dive in and you will fall in love with the city without borders and reap a trip of lifetime.

Your Trip is incomplete without Seeing:


 The Forbidden City       The Great Wall         Summer Palace        The Ming Tombs              Temple of Heaven


beijing city center tourist map 

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Top 6 Experiences Unique to Beijing


(1) Amble through Beijing Hutongs


(2) Join Beijing Temple Fairs during Chinese New Year


(3) Tasting Crispy Beijing Roast Duck


(4) Beijing Opera Time in Laoshe Tea House


(5) KungFu Show


(6) Acrobatics Show in Chaoyang Theater


In addition, you can also study Kungfu, learn Shadow Boxing, play Kongzhu(a local sport), paint your face and walking birds or flying kites or boating. Contact or leave a messege if you want more details.  We can tailor design a fun trip for you.





Beijing for Cultural Connoisseurs

Start your cultural odyssey from explore Beijing's 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites...

the Great Wall,  


Beijing for Shoppers

Hunt for a perfect gift or souvenirs (fans, paintings, anqitues) for your special someone? Head to:

  (a) Panjiayuan Antique Market潘家园旧货(古玩)市场

  (b)Beijing Curio City 北京古玩城


   (c) Liulichang Ancient Cultural Street 琉璃厂古文化街


>>>Beijing Time-honored brands


       (a) Rongbaozhai: best place to shop for inks, paintings and calligraphic works in Beijing


       (b) Tongrentang: traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy




Beijing for Pilgrims: Find Spiritual Oases in Beijing



Beijing Top Ten Temples       Yonghegong Lama Temple          Five Pagoda Temple      



Beijing Niujie Mosque                 Tanzhe Temple          White Dagoba Temple (or Miao Ying Si)




Beijing for people with a Sense of History


Old Summer Palace     Beijing Drum Tower  Bell Tower   Prince Gongs' Mansion  


Monument to the People's Heroes   Tiananmen Square   Sacred Road


Marco Pola Bridge




Beijing for walkers



 >>>>>>>Beijing Gaobeidian Folk Custom Street




Beijing for Budget-minded Travellers


 Here goes a list of Beijing Top 10 Free Sights


(1) Tiananmen

(2) Qianmen Street前门大街

(3) The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

(4) Wangfujing Pedestrian Street

(5) Houhai Lake: it is a famous bar street  (Related tour: Beijing Night Sightseeing Tour)

(6) Sanlitun Bar Street

(7) Beijing Hutongs

(8) Beijing 798 Art Zone

(9) Xiushui Street: It is a shopper’s paradise. Authentically China and distinctive Beijing, this street is well stocked with every imaginable goods sold under the sun. Best place to eat, dine, shop and hang out with friends. No wonder its fame rivals that of the Great Wall, Beijing roasted duck and the Forbidden City.

(10)Panjiayuan Antique Market: it is the best place to shop antiques, handicrafts and souvenirs.





Beijing for Countryside Life Lovers



Chuandixia Village  



Lingshui Village







Where to take your kids during Weekends?



Beijing Zoo  see giant pandas and other animals



Yanqi Lake dozens of sports and activities await you  there






Beijing's most stylish sport venues


Water Cube             Bird's Nest (National Stadium of Beijing Olympics)



  beijing water cube

           Water Cube


A brief History


Beijing is the capital of China, its key political, economic and cultural nexus as well as a paradise for expatriates. Roughly 500,000 years ago the land was the home of Peking Man. Beijing was established as a city in 1045 BC. For nearly 800 years, Beijing was a capital city - the provisional capital of the Liao Dynasty and the capital of the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Bill Clinton, the former USA president once said: "To equate Beijing and New York, Beijing only needs 100 years while New York at least needs 2000 years." Beijing is also a young and international mega-city. What all most-developed cities have can be discovered in Beijing as well, including the intangible creativity and the seeable vitality. In summary, Beijing is a city mingled with tradition and modern life.

beijing temple fair


Geographical Location

Beijing is located in the plain of northern China, partially covered by high mountains in north, west and northwest. The city is divided into 18 districts and counties, covering a total area of 16,800 square kilometers and a population of 11 million. Surprisingly, Beijing is one of the few major cities in China that does not lie on a major river. Instead, water is supplied from two reservoirs - Guanting Reservoir and Miyun Reservoir.

beijing temple fair


Forbidden City or Palace Museum
This is the bird's-eye photo of Beijing Forbidden City. Traditionally, Beijing is the heart of China where the Forbidden City is located. It is currently the Palace Museum. Hence, those who want to visit Beijing can imagine how great and magnificent the Forbidden City is! Used to be the exclusive residence of Emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties and the symbol of superiority and supremacy of feudalistic Emperors, Forbidden City today becomes the representative of glorious ancient civilization and grandness of ancient China, thus, playing the role of a musuem. It is the largest palace museum in the world and undoubtedly one of the world wonders.





 belongs to semi-humid warm continental monsoon climate. It is windy and dry in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool and shiny in fall, and freezing in winter. So March to May and September to early October are best seasons to visit. It is neither too cold nor too warm.( 60 degrees F in the morning or evening, 80 degrees F at noon. )




beijing temple fair



Beijing Top Ten Temples to Visit during Chinese New Year

beijing top temples


Where to see the best Temple Fairs in Beijing?

beijing temple fair


Must-sees in Beijing


Beijing is the city that has the largest number of World Cultural Heritage Sites in the world, also in China. Currently, China has 38 World Cultural Heritage Sites, and 6 in Beijing, that is, The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, "Peking Man" Site at Zhoukoudian and the Ming Tombs.  

 Beijing is studded with a constellation of sights numbering over 200, which includes -the Forbidden City(the world's largest imperial palace), the Temple of Heaven for national-fortune praying ceremony, Prince Gong Mansion, Beihai Park(royal park), the Summer Palace(royal garden ), the Badaling (八达岭) , Mutianyu (慕田峪) ,and Simatai (司马台) sections of Great Wall as well as quaint Siheyuan (四合院) and Hutong alleyways.

In total, Beijing has 3553 cultural-relic sites, 60 state-level sites and 264 municipal-level sites. The ancient architecture, imperial gardens, temples and monasteries mingle with tall buildings, modern gardens, and green patches in Beijing show rapid change with each passing day.

An veritable American architect once remarked: "Beijing Royal City, designed as an abode for the emperors and worshipped as the centerpiece of the universe, is a state-of-the-art architectural gem with unparalled grace, grandeur and exquisiteness. " The whole city is deeply immersed in the norms of ceremony and rituals. Its remarkable and miraculous graphics design presents us abundant ideas and inspirations for current urban construction.



 Iconic Sights of Beijing

Taihedian or Hall of Supreme Harmony in Forbidden City of Beijing
This is Taihedian or Hall of Supreme Harmony. Taihedian is the largest and highest level architecture in Forbidden City. It is the top of Chinese ancient architecture with an incomparable status and refined decorations. Considered in the aspect of royal supremacy and imperial power, Taihedian is the first and most important building in Forbidden City. From its architectural style to its show in politics and culture, visitors will be deeply amazed!  


Originally, Tiananmen was a part of Forbidden City. Currently it is the central part of Tiananmen Square which is the largest national square in the world. On the day of National Ceremony, Tiananmen is always the world focus and the image of China because all of Chinese vital figures in all walks of life and international leaders will be seen on Tiananmen. It is actually more famous and popular than Forbidden City itself. 
Tiananmen Square and Great Hall of People
This is the image of west Tiananmen Square. Visitors can see a large westernized building built in 1950s. It is also eye-catching but inferior to Tiananmen because of the difference of the architectural styles. This is the Great Hall of People, the location where the annual national conference or meeting is held. It is another symbolic building in Beijing and even China. In the past, it was the landmark of China, and each young man in China was quite familiar with it because it used to be the image in textbooks from primary school to university.   
beijing temple fair



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