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China Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture and Cupping
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese Herbal Remedy For H1N1 Flu 
Superior “Invention” From Traditional Chinese Medical Theory—La Jin
Chinese Herbal Medicine

Since the doors of China opened to the west, Chinese traditional herbal medicine has been considered a mysterious but interesting science to westerners. Most people know its existence, but are unsure about trying it.

Chinese traditional herbal medicine is an alternative system of treatment arising from a holistic philosophy of life. It emphasizes on the interconnection of the mental, emotional, and physical components within the body. It also emphasizes on the importance of harmony between individuals and their social groups, as well as between humanity as a whole.

Human body is believed to consist of not only flesh, blood, bones, organs, and other visible components, but also invisible qi, which could be considered as a flow of energy passing throughout the body. There are invisible three-dimensional pathways, or so-called meridians that allow the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body. The meridians regulate the yin/yang balance in the body, provide connections between the individual human being and cosmic forces or influences, and protect the body against external sources of disease. There are certain points along the meridians where qi is thought to collect or concentrate.
/Acupuncture points, front
In Chinese medicine, invisible pathways in the body that circulate the flow of blood and link the individual to cosmic forces or influences, protect the body against external causes of disease, and regulate the yin/yang balance.
Feet diagram



Traditional Chinese medicine uses herbs for preventive treatment as well as for curing illness. Prescriptions are fine-tuned by the herbalist, as well as by the doctor, and formulated according to the patient's constitution, as well as the nature of the herbs.


Chinese herbal medicine


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