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This page displays the best of China, its iconic sights, timeworn traditions, UNESCO heritage sites and man-made marvels, for first time visitors to China.

From ice-bound dwarfing peaks in Himalayas to wildlife infested rainforests in Yunnan, from epic grasslands in Inner Mongolia to balmy beaches in Sanya, from incredible Yuanyang Rice Terraces to surreal Danxia landform across south China, from mind-blowing gorges to majestic caves, from Karst pinnacles in Yangshuo to windswept Taklamakan Desert, from time frozen ethnic villages to futuristic metropolises, China is a land of mesmerizing and eye-opening contradictions. It may take many lifetimes even the scratch the surface.


 For those want to sample the best of China in one or two weeks, China World Heritage sites are not to be missed; For hikers and mountaineers, Huangshan, Mt Everest, Wutaishan, Tiger Leaping Gorge and China World Geoparks fit the bill. For cyclers and romantic souls, Hangzhou and Yangshuo will deliver superb experience; For global-trotter foodies, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai will reward you with a highly-stimulated tastes buds and much-cherished gastronomic memory; For art aficionados, Mogao murals, Regong Art, Shadow Play and Yak Butter Sculpture will enrich you; For folk music fans, Kam Grand Choirs, Khoomei(throat singing), Naxi ancient music, Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang, Tibetan opera, Yue opera and Kunqu opera may allure;

For architects, aristocratic buildings strewn in Beijing, Xi’an and Pingyao as well as folk residences such as Stilt House, Wind Rain Bridge, Mushroom house and Roundhouse(Tulou) will enchant you; For pilgrims, Tibet with its monasteries, holy mountains and lakes is irresistible...


China Top Grottoes China Top Mountains

China Top Buddhist Temples, Grottoes & Pagodas



China Top 10 Buddhist Pagodas


China Top Grottoes


China Top 10 Buddhist Temples


Qinghai-Tibet Top Monasteries


Tibet Top 10 Buddhist Monasteries


Kumbum Monastery


Songzanlin Monastery

China Top Mountains

China Top TemplesChina Top Stories
Yunnan Top Buddhist Temples 
China  Stories & Gallery
China Top Museums China Top Wonders

China Top Museums

China Top Five Museums

Ten Top Collections in Beijing Palace Museum

China Tea Museum

Dali Bai Autonomous Museum

China Top Wonders

China Ten Top Ancient Wonders

Highlights of Great Wall Tours


The Grand Canal

Silk Road

China Top Lakes China Top Ancient Capitals

China Top Lakes

Five Great Lakes in China

Qinghai Lake

Lugu Lake

Erhai Lake

Yamdrok Lake

West Lake

Lashi Lake

Dianchi Lake

China Top Ancient Capitals

China Top Eight Ancient Capitals





China Top UniversitiesChina Top Ancient Academies

China Top Universities

Top-Ten China Universities

China Top Ancient Academies

China Five Top Ancient Academies

China Top Mysteries China Top Festivals

China Top Mysteries


Odds in Tiankeng (Leye-Fengshan World Geopark)


Odds in Zhangjiajie


Top Nine Sensational Customs of Tujia people

China Top Ethnic Festivals

Sisters' Meal Festival  Kaihai Festival  

Naadam Festival    Yunnan Top Festivals

 Zhuang Nationality's Buffalo King Festival

Events and Festivals of Bai Nationality

Yao Nationality: Red Clothes Festival

Miao Nationality: New Year Festival


China Top Traditional Medicine Shops China Top Architecture

China Top Traditional Medicine Shops

Huqingyutang TCM Pharmacy

Hangzhou Fanghuichuntang Pharmacy

Beijing Tongrentang

China Top Architecture

Xidi and Hongcun

China Top Folk Residence

China Top Ten Classical Gardens

Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge

Xizhou, the Museum of Bai Nationality Architecture

China Top Figures China Top Inventions


China Top Figures

Chinese Saints




China Top Inventions
China Top TeasChina Top Food

China Top Teas

Travelogue: demystifying tea in Hangzhou

Three Course Tea Ceremony

China Top Food

Top Four Styles of Cuisine in China

Top 8 Dai Nationality Dishes

Naxi Cuisine   Dong Nationality Food   Miao Food

China Top Cities China Top Towns
China Top New Discoveries

China Top Destinations



China Top Operas China Top Shows

China Top Operas  & Music

    China Top Ten Operas     

Tibetan Opera

Naxi Ancient Music

  Kam Grand Choirs

   Yue Opera        

Kunqu Opera  

China Top Shows 

China Seven Top Shows

China Travel Video Shows

Impression West Lake

Impression Lijiang

Impression Liusanjie

Famous Chinese Acrobatics & Circus Shows in Shanghai

China Top Ceramics China Top Kungfu

China Top Ceramics

China Top Kungfu

Traditional Chinese Sports

Martial Art

China Top FlowersChina Top Projects

China Top Flowers

Top famous flowers in China


China Top Modern Projects

China Top Ten Modern Projects

China Top Ancient Tombs China Top Taboos

China Top Ancient Tombs

Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang

The Mausoleums of Jingjiang Princes

China Top Taboos

Tibet Travel Taboos

Customs and Taboos in China

China Top Traditions China Top Arts
China Top Traditions 

China Top Arts

Four Famous Embroidery Types in China

 Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese Shadow Play






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