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Chinese Emperors

Objectively speaking, Chinese splendid ancient history roughly is the history of Chinese Emperors(Chinese Monarchs) and their contributions and encumbrances to the development of Chinese feudalistic period. And also they were the supporters and repressors of Chinese ancient culture.

Initially, the earliest title of Huangdi(皇帝, Emperor) appeared in ancient time was the generalization of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors( In general, three sovereigns are Fuxi,  Shen Nong and Xuanyuan, as well as Five Emperors were Emperor Shaohao, Emperor Zhuanxu, Emperor Diku, Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun). They together were esteemed as the forefathers of China as well as the founders of Chinese culture.









After Emperor Qinshihuang united China at the first time, he thought of himself as Huangdi (Emperor) to show that his contributions exceeded Five Emperors and his moral surpassed Three Sovereigns. He was the first man calling himself as Huangdi in Chinese history. From then on, Chinese emperors in different dynasties used to call themselves Huangdi as well until the downfall of Chinese feudalism in 1912. Over the past 2000 years of Chinese feudalistic history, emperors were the top dominators of China, and became the symbol of Chinese feudalistic administration. In accordance with the statistics, in total the time that China under the reign of Emperors was 2132 years from Emperor Qinshihuang enthroned in 221 BC to Emperor Puyi’s abdication in 1912. During this time, China had totally 494 emperors. China under their reigns experienced a lot of splendid time and glorious dynasties but also suffered a lot from their wrongdoings and ridiculous policymaking. But all in all, China in this section of time was marvelous and powerful in all aspects. Some biref classificationas of dynasties and the representative emperors of different dynasties are available as below:



1. 2100 BC-1066 BC Xia and Shang Dynasty Emperors


Da Yu

Xia Jie

Shang Tang

Shang Zhou

2. 1066 BC - 221 BC Zhou Dynasty Emperors Including Warring States Period

Zhou WenwangZhou WuwangZhou LiwangZhou Youwang

Emperor Wenwang

Emperor Wuwang

Emperor Liwang

Emperor Youwang

3. 221 BC-220 AD Qin and Han Dynasty Emperors

Emperor Qin Shihuang

Han Gaozu

Han Wudi

Guang Wudi

Emperor Qin Shihuang

Emperor Han Gaozhu

Emperor Han Wudi

Emperor Guang Wudi 

4. 220 BC-280 AD Three Kingdoms Period Emperors

Liu BeiSun QuanCao Cao Cao Pi

Liu Bei

Sun Quan

Cao Cao

Cao Pi

5. 265 AD-581 AD Western and Eastern Jin Dynasty Emperors as well as Southern and Northen Dynasty Emperors

Sima Yi

Sima Rui

Fu Jian

Sima Dewen

Sima Yan

Sima Rui

Fu Jian

Sima Dewen

6. 581 AD to 907 AD Sui and Tang Dynasty Emperors

Emperor SuiwenEmperor SuiyangEmperor TaizongEmperor Xuanzong

Emperor Sui Wendi

Emperor Sui Yangdi

Emperor Tang Taizong

Emperor Tang Xuanzong

7. 907 AD to 960 AD The Five Dynasties Emperors

Liang Taizu

Li Yu

Shi Jingtang

Emperor Zhou Shizong

Liang Taizu

Li Yu

Shi Jingtang

Zhou Shizong(Chai Rong)

8. 960 AD to 1279 AD Song and Liao and Jin Dynasty Emperors

Song TaizongSong TaizongSong HuizongSong Gaozong

Emperor Song Taizu

Emperor Song Taizong

Emperor Song Huizong

Emperor Song Gaozong

9. 1271 AD to 1644 AD Yuan and Ming Dynasty Emperors

Genghis khanKublai KhanMing TaizuEmperor Ming Chengzu

Genghis khan

Kublai Khan

Emperor Ming Taizu

Emperor Ming Chengzu

10. 1644 AD to 1912 AD Qing Dynasty Emperors

Kang Xi Yong ZhengQian LongPu Yi

Emperor Kangxi

Emperor Yongzheng

Emperor Qianlong

Emperor Puyi







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