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Chinese Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow is convenient and portable transportation vehicle before the popularization of modern transportation vehicles. It is usually widely used in the northern area of China. It has the functions as equal as the donkey. The wheelbarrow was made of wood in the past, and the wheel was also made of wood. It was divided into small one which is as high as undercarriage and big one which is higher than the undercarriage. The big wheel divides the wheelbarrow into two parts. The wheel barrow could be used for carrying the things or people. But balance should be kept. Between two handlebars, a rope is available for helping the drivers behind to keep the wheelbarrow going on. Generally there is one person managing the push in the back of wheelbarrow. In the southern part of China, there is also a kind of barrow with two wheels, but the drivers usually pull in front of the barrow.     

China’s wheelbarrow is also later renovated by assembling sails to drive the wheelbarrow via wind. It is said the inventor of wheelbarrow was Zhuge Liang, a mysterious oracle or a wise minister in Three-kingdom period. Wheelbarrow is usually used in narrow and bumpy path or in mountainous places. During the time from 1946 to 1949 in China, there was a famous battle happened in China was Huaihai Campaign. It ended with Kuomintang’s failure due to China’s grassroots’ all-out help by virtue of wheelbarrows. 
Nowadays, it is hard to see in city. But in rural areas, especially those underdeveloped countryside, the wheelbarrows are perhaps available.       


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