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For traveling in China, choosing suitable clothes is an important issue, this is due to the vast landmass and the diverse climate in the country. It depends on which season or what kind of weather you will be facing and how long of your trip will last. Before you start your tour, you need to pay attention to some detailed China's weather forecast.

Traveling to southern China, you will be free to arrange your clothes in your baggage, the weather in the region is often mild, sometimes hot throughout the year, but an umbrella or some rainwear is quite a must during your trip. You just need T-shirts, jeans and sweaters there, while down coats are seldom required. If you like sunshine and blue sea, swimwear and sunglasses will make you cool. However, if you are going to northern and western China, the distinctive seasons of these areas will make you a little bit difficult of choosing clothes. Your choice in clothing depends on the season you go. During autumn, winter and spring, warm sweaters, jackets and a thick coat are preferably put in your baggage. Cotton masks may be needed in avoiding sandstorms, which are often occurred during spring in northern China.



Thick underwear is not a must for winter tour in northern China, because the indoor heating system is generally good there, especially in cosmopolitans like Beijing, Harbin, Qingdao and Xi'an. However, warm shoes should be worn when you are in Harbin's harsh winter, the temperature will drop to below minus 30 degrees Celsius. Conversely, you may bring warm underwear when you are in the middle or lower reach of the Yangtze River regions, except in posh hotels, big shopping malls and quality bars, heated indoors are seldom seen there.






In general, clothing during your tour should be in leisure style. It is convenient to match of different kinds of wear and easy for back packing tour, as well as providing comfortable feeling during sport and exploring activities. Sports shoes are recommended for walking and hiking tours.



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