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Folk Festivals in Datong

Apart from the 24 solar terms(the Beginning of Spring;Rain Water;the Waking of Insects; the Spring Equinox;Pure Brightness;Grain Rain; the Beginning of Summer; Grain Full; Grain in Ear; the Summer Solstice; Slight Heat; Great Heat; the Beginning of Autumn; the Limit of Heat;White Dew; the Autumnal Equinox;Cold Dew; Frost's Descent; the Beginning of Winter; Slight Snow; Great Snow; the Winter) connected with agriculture as well as lunar Spring Festival, other festivals also include: February 2, March 3, May 5, June 6, July 7, September 9, Lantern Festival, Ghost Festival, Kitchen-Sacrifice Festival and so on.

They have some local unique programmes during festive time. In Spring Festival, local people generally make the big fire. On the eve of spring festival, local people get used to set up a tower-style bonfire with large coals, which is named Wanghuo or Vigorous Fire. It is for the auspicious meaning and wishing for a better new year. At midnight, the bonfire is burnt when people set off the firecrackers. Children and parents gather around the fire to play games, to set off the firecrackers and nurse the fire. The family whose bonfire is warmer and larger will be more prosperous and hopeful.

China Datong Yungang Travel Festival is held annually in August. It is for exhibiting the religious and traditional culture of China as well as the beautiful local attractions. The items of the travel festival include: the show of attractions, gala of diversities of performance, city communication, and the promotion of the scenic spots as well as the business negotiation for Datong Travel.

The Festival of Zoumaiba. This is the special festival and custom in local area. The new son-in-law (daughter’s husband) always makes a moon-shape cake to see his mother-in-law after the wheat harvest. It is the wish for happiness and health of family of his wife.


datong temple fair


datong temple fair


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