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Datong Travel Guide|Yungang Grottoes|Xuankong Temple

“Datong” is a Chinese version utopia where everyone and everything is at peace. A paradise without hunger, war, calamities, greediness, corruption and poverty. Everyone is equal and lives happily. None has to worry about life at this life, either getting old or in other adverse situations.

Though the namesake Datong city fails to evoke a vision of paradise instantly, this sparkling metropolis from north Shanxi province, does boats of timeless allure.

With its world-renowned Yungang Grottoes, myriad temples, resplendent monasteries,remnants of the Great Wall, soaring pagodas, millennium-old royal tombs and a galaxy of historical relics, Datong is not a city to be missed.

Rooted in history as one of China's top ten ancient capital cities and crowned as the second biggest economy powerhouse in Shanxi (the land of coal), Datong thrills, dazzles and bewilders with its eclectic blend of vintage charm and modernity.

Datong welcomes you all year around. To savour up its vibrant folklore and customs, dive in the Datong Temple Fair occurring during each Chinese New Year(between Jan to Feb). Mouthwatering snacks,beguiling activities, assorted handicrafts await you. Browse through the stalls and shop till you drop. Our customers keep telling us how marvelous the local food and ethnic performances are. (Clay sculptures, paper cutting and embroidery make good gift)

If you cannot make it during Chinese New Year, do not feel upset. Datong Yungang Cultural Festival showcasing the unparalleled Buddhist carvings, paintings and relics, will more than satisfy your curiosity.


10 Must-sees in Datong


Yungang Grottoes: As an architectural, religious  marvel, Yungang Grottoes rivals Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang and Dunhuang Grottoes in Gansu. Spare at least half a day to gawk at its astonishing array of Buddha statues of all sizes and shapes.

yungang grottoes


Xuankong Temple( Hanging Temple): three religions co-exist.

shanxi hanging temple

Hengshan Mountain: It is 65km from Datong

Wooden Pagoda in Ying County

Wooden Pagoda in Ying County


Shanhua Temple: It is an important cultural site under the state-level protection .

Ning-Dragon Wall (Jiulongbi is a rare wall in China, and there are only three in China. The other two are in Forbidden City and Beihai Park in Beijing . Jiulongbi in Datong is the best one)

Huayan temple

Wild Goose Pagoda

Drum Tower

Phoenix-Arrival Pavilion or Fenglinge


Lesser-known but interesting sites


Kwan-Yin Hall

Mausoleum of Zhaowulingwang

Thermal Spring of Tangtou

Volcano group

Water-God Hall, Jueshan Temple, Old Site of Pingcheng, Pingxing Pass, D esheng Castle and Great Wall section in Datong. The surrounding attractions include: Yanmen Pass, and Wutaishan Mountain


Where is Datong

Datong is bordered by Zhangjiakou city of Hebei province to the east, Shouzhou city of Shanxi province to the southwest, Inner Mongolian Autonomous region to the north and Xinzhou to the south.

Datong Transportation


Datong is conveniently connected to the rest of China through airports, highways, rail stations and long distance bus stations. This transportation artery is the converging point where Beijing-Baotou Railway, North Datong-Puzhou Railway and Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway greet each other.


 Its railway system, highway system and airlines are all available easily. Travelers can get to other places easily in a short time. Generally travelers of Datong also visit Taiyuan and Pingyao. Also the distance from Datong to Beijing and east coastal area is very short. So generally travelers can easily arrive in Beijing quickly.

History of Datong


Datong was a key military stronghold. Wars or battles of all sizes had broke out here over thousands of times. Mapu Mountain, a battlefield in Datong, witnessed a seven-day war between troops of the Han Dynasty and the nomadic tribe troops. This mighty Han troops were under the leadership of Emperor Gaozu, the first emperor of Han dynasty.

Jinshatan is the battleground of General of Yang family against of entry of the Liao dynasty, which used to be in north China.

Datong people


Its mosaic multi-cultural population of 3300,000-plus is a mix of Han, Hui, Mongol and Manchu background.

Datong Climate


Datong is the second largest city in Shanxi province and boasts Capital of Coal Mine and City of Phoenix. Datong is under the influence of continental monsoon climate of temperate zone. It has four distinctive seasons.


What to Buy in Datong


Folk Festivals in Datong


datong temple fair


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