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Ethnic Languages in China

There are 55 minority ethnic groups in China. Generally speaking, all these ethnic groups have  or use their own languages except the Hui people and Manchu people.Some even have two or more languages in one minority ethnic group.All the languages of minority ethnic groups in China can be divided into five families.


Uygur language

Tibetan language

Manchu language

1).Sino-Tibetan language family
Zhuang-dong Branch:Zhuang language,Dong language,Dai language,Buyei language,Sui language,Gelao language,Maonan language,
Li language, Mulao language, etc.
Tibeto-burman Branch:  Tibetan language, Monba language, Lhoba language, Tu language, Qiang language, Pumi language, Derung language, Nu language, Yi language, Lisu language, Nakhi language, Hani language, Lahu language, Bai language, Jingpo language, Achang language, etc.  
Miao-yao Branch: Miao language, She language,etc.
2).Altaic language family

Turkic Branch:  Uygur Language, Kazakh Language, Kirgiz language, Tatar language,  Salar language, Tuvinian language,Uzbek language
Western Yugur language
Tungus Branch:  Manchu language,Sibo language, Hezhen language, Ewenki language, Oroqen language
Mongolian group:Mongolian, Daur language, DongXiang language, Eastern Yugur language, Bonan language

3).Austroasiatic family
Mon-kmer Branch:Va language, Penglung language, Blang language
 4).Austronesian family
Indonesia Branch: Paiwan language, Bunun language,Amis language, etc.

5).Indo-european family
Iranian Branch: Tajik language
Slavic Branch: Russian
Besides, linguists still can not  decide clearly which language family Korean and Gin language belong to.


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