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Guilin Futher Features

Karst Topography

In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, everywhere is of karst topography that almost all the mountains and hills are having holes of different sizes inside the rocks. In such a geographical circumstance, high rise constructions can't be built. If do so, much groundwork should be done in order to make the foundation firm. Karst topography is formed due to creation by groundwater dissolving sedimentary rock such as limestone. This creates land forms such as shafts, tunnels and caves. Groundwater seeps into and through these land forms.

The picturesque scenery along the Lijiang River has long been known as the best in China. The area is characterized by karst peaks that eroded by the abundant rainfall here, this unique scenery and strange shapes look like an ancient Chinese master painting. In Chinese, the word for "landscape" (Shan Shui pronounced in Chinese) means "mountains and water" and the local people love scenery that combines these two things together. It is a very interesting trip that you view the beautiful and hilly landscape while you are on the way to Yangshuo and take photos on a boat sailing the Lijiang River.

Ethnic Minorities

Guilin region is inhabited by 28 different ethnic groups including the Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Tong. These indigenous people cover 8.5 percent of the population here. They have colorful costumes and rich in their cultural life.

The ethnic towns of Longsheng and Sanjiang are in the northwest Guilin, where the many minority villages located. These people are very friendly and they may offer to be your guide and possibly invite you to their home for a dinner and an overnight stay (either for free or for a low charge).

Wooden cottages in Longsheng Ping'an and farmland on the slope are very eye-catching. Longji Farmland's layout is mainly of Qing Dynasty style, the field goes windingly between hills' gaps and the scene varies from season to season, as well as changes within a day due to the sunlight's direction. In some Yao villages, the folks here are having long hair. The scenery there is mountainous with bamboo forest and crystal clear springs.


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