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Guilin Transport


Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located 30 km to the west of the city's center, more than 60 flights to domestic and foreign destinations including Xi'an, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Shuttle buses that start from the Minhang Tower are available 24 hours. Take a taxi to the airport is another convenient way also.


There are two railway stations in Guilin: the North and the South (called the Guilin Railway Station). The South Station is located at the junction of Shanghai Road and Zhongshan Road South, where it is a prosperous place in downtown Guilin.

Guilin is a stopover of many long distance routes so it is very hard to buy soft sleeper tickets on the trains traveling north and east. Book train tickets five days and ten days in advance during weeklong holidays.


Three bus stations in Guilin: Main Bus Station (Qi'che Zong'zhan. Address : 427 South Zhongshan Road, Guilin City), South City Bus Station and North Gate Bus Station, buses to Guangdong Province are frequently available.

To Yangshuo : services are available at the South Railway Station and the Main Bus Station.


Services provided are along the Xiangjiang and Lijiang Rivers. Boats traveling along Lijiang that pass Wuzhou and reach Zhujiang (the Pearl River), passengers can also reach Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau directly.

Urban transport

Guilin has free bus routes that bring much convenience and benefit to tourists. The buses depart between 9:00-17:00 although you will need to wait longer compared to take conventional ones.

Guilin City Scenic Area Free Tourist Buses : tourists can buy the tickets from the officially appointed ticket sales office, and then they can travel by the buses for free provided by the local tourism development company. The buses depart from Qixingyuan at 15 minutes interval and stop over each tourist attraction for three minutes.

Taxi : in the day time (6:30 - 23:00): the starting fare for the first 2 km is RMB 7 and RMB 1.6 per km onwards for 2 - 4 km, exceeding 4 km is RMB 2/km.

Bicycle : to travel in Guilin by bike is very interesting, this is especially true in Yangshuo. Rental services are available in hotels and the main streets and rent can be calculated by day or by the hour.

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