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Guilin What to eat

Guilin's cuisine tends to be a little bit sweet, spicy and emphasized on the freshness in ingredients, because it is an excellent combination of neighboring Sichuan, Hunan and Cantonese styles. There are some famous local specialties:

Lipu Taro looped Meat : this is a famous local dish for banquet, made of taro from Lipu (104 km south of Guilin city) with high quality pork with skin, local preserved bean curd and various ingredients, fry with the pieces of taro into the boiled cooking oil until it to become brilliantly yellow, and then steam.


Guilin Rice Noodles : This specialty is the most popular dish and the residents' favorite snack. The rice noodle is generally prepared with broth, fried peanuts or soybeans, chopped scallions and slices of beef.


Beer fish was first created in Yangshuo of Guilin. It is mixed with other ingredients and the fish is stewed with beer, which forms very delicious sauce as result. It has become the best dish in Yangshuo. In every year, a beer fish contest in town is held for the best taste prepared by the chefs.


Oil-tea is originated in the ethnic minority groups of Dong and Yao, the tea's function is to avoid the moist air entering the body and keep people warm during wintertime. The locals boil the tea with ginger, scallion and serve with fried rice or peanuts.


Water chestnut cake (ma ti gao, which mean a cake looks like a horse's hoof and water chestnut is called as ma ti locally) is a mouth-watering snack that can be found in many food stalls. It is made from rice flour with water chestnut or sesame powder, put all of it into a wooden utensil which shaped like a horse's hoof, and then to steam in a very high temperature.


Nun's vegetarian noodles : the essence in the bowl is the soup, which is made of bean sprouts, fresh mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The noodles are cooked in boiled water, and then adding local bean curd skin and some kinds of fresh vegetable. Thus the noodle bowl is delicious, good looking and very healthy.


Apart from the attractive Chinese specialties, there are a lot of high quality pubs and restaurants that serve Western food on West Street (Xi Jie) in Yangshuo and downtown Guilin.

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