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Wind Forbidden Festival&March Third Festival

Wind Forbidden Festival (禁风节): As a traditional festival of Yao Nationality who lives in lingui County, Guilin, it will be held each Jan 20(lunar calendar) annually. Legend had it that there lived a very capricious God of Wind, who brought epidemics and flood to Yao people’s ancestors. Beholding their plight, one fairy told the villagers that they can pacify the God of Wind by offering sacrifice to him on his birthday: Jan 20(Lunar calendar). Yao people’s ancestors followed the guide, and since then they have lived in peace with each other. By now, Yao people still obey the traditional practices such as make crosses out of straws before hanging them on the roof eaves or paddies and avoid making any noises in their village during this day. Deserted on this festival, Yao villages will be fairly silent. Miaopingyu, which is packed with Yao villager from near and far, will be extremely merrily and crowded. Yao people throng here singing and dancing, and it is very interesting to become involved.
wind-forbidden-festival wind-forbidden-festival
wind-forbidden-festival wind-forbidden-festival

March Third Festival(March 3rd,三月三):
With a history of over 2500 years, March Third Festival is China’s most ancient Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated by various ethnic groups include Bai and Zhuang Minority for various purposes, such as express love, trade and religion. Zhuang People refer this festival as “Gexu Festival”(歌圩节), which is mainly held during Spring and Autumn annually. March 3rd and Mid-Autumn’s Day are two best celebration days. With participants ranging from several thousands to ten thousands, this festival will last from 3 to 5 days. Their songs cover various aspects of life: myths, social life, morality, love, marriage. Except singing, you can also enjoy the drama, sport competition, folk game and fireworks display.


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