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Guiyang Festivals & Events


Dixi Drama of Anshun

Time: the 15th day of the first lunar month
Site: Huaxi Dazhai Village(花溪大寨)
Activities : Buyi Nationality and other ethnic groups will gather in Huaxi Dazhai Village, wearing masks to perform this drama. Dixi Drama is themed with war heroes’ stories. Combining dialogues, singing and dancing, it is very mysterious and appealing.
dixi drama anshun
dixi drama anshun1
dixi drama anshun
dixi drama anshun

San Yue San (March 3rd)

Time: the 3rd day of the third lunar month
Site: Xinbao Township, Wudang District(乌当区新堡乡)
Festivities: also known as Dican Festival(Silkworm Festival), it is celebrated by Buyi Nationality to worship silkworms initially to pray for harvest. Gradually, it evolved into the Sanyuesan Singing Festival, a grand gathering and carnival.

Si Yue Ba

Time: the 8th day of the forth lunar month
Place: near the fountain area within Guiyang City
Festivities: on this day, over 20 ethnic group will converge in Guiyang downtown, celebrating this festival by singing and dancing. This festival is devoted to an ancient hero named Zhu Di.

Liu Yue Liu

Time: the 6th day of the sixth lunar month
Place: Huaxi Stream(Flower Stream, 花溪)
Festivities: Liu Yue Liu is celebrated to commemorate the God of Mountain and the God of Kitchen. On this say, Buyi Nationality will dress up and throng into the banks of Huaxi Stream, playing the Copper Drum Dance, Suona music, Shuaba Dance and other ritual ceremonies.

Travel Festivals

Wuyang Yongle Peach Blossom Festival乌当永乐桃花节
Time: April
Place: Yongle Township, Wudang District, Guiyang City
Festivities: ethnic singing, dancing; appreciate peach blossoms and stay in local farmer’s houses to taste their food
wuyang yongle peach blossom Festivalwuyang yongle peach blossom Festival
wuyang yongle peach blossom Festivalwuyang yongle peach blossom Festival

Gubao Township Pear Blossom Festival修文县谷堡乡梨花节
Time: April
Place: Zhexi village, Gubao Township, Xiuwen County, Guiyang City
Festivities: open ceremony, appreciate peach blossoms, scroll along the plantations and enjoy local famer’s food and lifestyle
gubao township Pear blossom festivalgubao-township Pear-blossom-festival1
gubao-township Pear-blossom-festival3gubao-township Pear-blossom-festival

Guiyang Baiyun International Kite Festival贵阳白云国际风筝节

Time: April 30 to May 7
Place: Baiyun District, Guiyang City
Festivities: Kite Flying Contest, Beer Festival Show, Food Festival Show, Flower Exhibition, Cycling Final and Chess Contest
guiyang baiyun kite international festival

Red Maple Tourism Festival红枫湖旅游节
Time: June to August
Place: Hongfenghu Scenic Site (红枫湖景区)
Festivites: opening ceremony, shows performed on water stage, ethnic culture show, walking along Hongfeng Lake during lake and fireworks evening party
hongfenghu-lake-tourism-festival hongfenghu-lake-tourism-festival

Wuyang Yongle Peach Festival 乌当永乐蟠桃节
Time: August to September
Place Yongle Township, Wudang District, Guiyang City
Festivities: ethic singing, dancing, taste peaches andn experience local farmer’s life
wudang yongle peach festivalwudang yongle peach festival
wudang yongle peach festivalwudang yongle peach festival

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