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Guiyang Travel in China

Guiyang is a city surrounding by mountains, which is the transportation center of Guizhou Province. As the capital city of Guizhou, Guiyang is mixed with cross culture combined modern atmosphere with unique local Minority specialty. 

>>General Transportation
Compared with other cities in China, Guiyang is considered as a developing city hidden in the middle of relatively mysterious Guizhou located in southwest of China. It is convenient to arrive at Guiyang by air, where the Longdongbao International Airport (龙洞堡国际机场) owns flights to most major cities in China. Railway is well operated but not highly recommended if you take trains from most famous tourist cities including Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai to Guiyang because the duration is more than one day currently only after the construction of super high speed trains are completed in the future. If you arrive in China at Hong Kong, fly to Guiyang from Shenzhen or Guangzhou is a smart choice. It is good news that the super high speed railway connected Guiyang with Guangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing are expected to be finished by 2014. By then, the duration from Guiyang to Guangzhou is within 4 hours, Guiyang to Chengdu is within 2 hours and less than one hour from Guiyang to Chongqing. 

Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou province surrounded by mountains so many streets are with slopeGuiyang is a city mixed modern atmosphere with old residence buildings
You can feel the slope especially walking in Guiyang, so few people prefer riding bicyclesThe comparison among ancient city wall and modern buildings with old residence community

If you have time to deeply explore the city, you will find some interesting scenes. You can hardly view the local people riding bicycles in the street because of its special geographic features, where lots of slopes up and down scattered in the city. People prefer to take buses, cars or taxis as their public transportation means. If you don’t know Chinese, it is necessary to at least hire a guide to accompany you touring the city. Currently the subway is under construction as a result of the growing traffic but the two subway lines are estimated to be finished in 10 years. Walking along the street, you can see that the street is not as wide as the avenue in big cities such as Shanghai, but similar with Hong Kong. However, the public transportation network in Hong Kong is of course much well-developed (So the subway network in Guiyang should be better organized for traffic jams appear more serious in the city). 

>>Sightseeing Attractions
Honest speaking, compared with the neighboring nature wonders (including the well-known golden sized Huangguoshu Waterfalls, the biggest Hmong Villages in the world--Xijiang Miao Nationality Village, the World Heritage Seven Small Arches Xiaoqikong, etc.), Guiyang is not expected to be an ideal city for superb sightseeing although the downtown citizen parks (Riverbank Hebin Park and Qianlin Park) is a nice opportunity to approach the local people’s daily recreational life and the suburban Huaxi Park is an absolutely popular destination for local people to enjoy an outdoor trekking or picnic. If you have two days short stay in Guiyang and interested in explore ancient buildings and ethnic minority culture, Qingyan ancient town is the best choice, which is convenient to reach and worth to satisfy your curiosity. 

The Dashizi (Big Cross) Square is the center of downtown Guiyang with commercial and leisure environment
Dashizi (Big Cross) Square is the center of downtown Guiyang

Jiaxiu Tower is considered as the landmark located in the city center of Guiyang, connected the south and north bank of Nanming River, the main branch of Wujiang River, which is a branch of Yangtze River. Residence areas and Commercial shopping plazas are surrounded around Jiaxiu tower; form unique scenery mixed the ancient architecture with modern city pace.



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