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Hangzhou Public Tourist Transportation & Recommended Landmarks to Reach By Taxi

It is easy and tourist friendly to catch a taxi in Hangzhou to go to the well-known attractions you would like to go. If you travel by yourself, print the tourist attractions in bilingual language (English and Chinese) and show the paper to the taxi driver. For some distant tourist attractions, it is smart to catch a taxi first to the tourist bus station and then transfer by tourist coach. I will list the recommended matches below for each advised scenic spot.

Take taxi from railway station
Most international travelers reach Hangzhou by super high speed train from Shanghai. In this way, kindly advise you to choose the HSR train (Titled “G”) started from Shanghai Railway Station or Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Hangzhou Station rather than Hangzhou South Station (It is not located in the downtown city and takes time and extra cost to reach the city center or West Lake by taxi except you choose New Century Grand Hotel as your accomodation.)

Take taxi from airport
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is in the suburban area of Hangzhou. You can directly take a taxi to your booked hotels if you need to have a good rest as soon as possible. The average budget is commonly within 100 CNY. If you don’t mind, take the airport shuttle bus to the Hangzhou Railway Station or Wulin Square which is both located in downtown city and then transfer a taxi to your booked hotel.

By public bicycle:
You can rent a bicycle to have a pleasant ride along West Lake, especially Su Causeway and Bai Causeway for junior level, a deposit of 200 CNY is needed. The bicycle serving spots can be easily found around West Lake. Once you get the card, you can rent a bicycle and return it at any service spot. Don’t worry about its operation. There’s usually a person on duty in each service spot along West Lake who will offer you necessary assistance and instructions.

By electric car:
The electric car can be stopped anywhere along west lake lane if you wave your hand to it. The ticket is not purchased in advance, just buy it as soon as you get on the car and give it to the ticket seller. The whole fee for it around the lake is 40 CNY per person.

Take taxi to West Lake
West Lake in Hangzhou is a “big concept” scenic area which contains lots of scenic spots. Here I list the most well known ones (considered as landmarks in Hangzhou and easily to reach as your travel starting point) with Chinese name and you can show any of them to the taxi driver to start your West Lake exploration.

Broken Bridge 断(duàn)桥(qiáo): It is located in Beishan Road (北山路) and the starting point of Bai Causeway 白(bái)堤(dī)

Leifeng Pagoda 雷(léi)峰(fēng)塔(tǎ): It is located in Nanshan Road (南山路) and closed to one side of Su Causeway 苏(sū)堤(dī)

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