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Legend of Liangzhu

The Still of Yue Opera named Liangzhu The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai as the China's Romeo and Juliet, was one of our country's four folklores including Lady White Snake, Niu Lang and Zhi Nv, Meng Jiangnv and this one. The story, which concerns closely with Hangzhou, happened in Zhejiang in Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Zhu Yingtai, a girl whose nickname was Jiu Mei, wholeheartedly wanted to study in Hangzhou. His father could not stand her lasting disturbance and requirement and agreed to allow her to go there posing as a man with her servant girl. On the way to Hangzhou, they came across a young learner, Liang Shanbo who came from Kuaiji and also prepared to study in Hangzhou, in Caoqiaomen. They talked with each other so happily and joyfully that they decided to be sworn brothers. Afterwards, they studied together at Wansong School for three years, during these years; Liang Shanbo did not know his young brother was a lady at all. One day Zhu Yingtai receive a letter from his family that his father ordered her came back as quickly as possible. She deeply loved Liang Shanbo but could not express her love straightforwardly, so she requested his teacher's wife to deliver her love sign, a jade article, to Liang Shanbo. On her way to go back home, he dropped several hints to Liang Shanbo who saw her off, but this jannock and faithful man did not apprehend her love at all, when they came to the phoenix hill, Zhu Yingtai told Liang Shanbo that she had a young sister named Jiu Mei and she was willing to be a matchmaker and hoped him went to her house as soon as he can for proposal. After Liang Shanbo learned that she was girl, he hurried to go to her house; unfortunately Zhu Yingtai had been betrothed with an official's son, Ma Wencai. Zhu Yingtai strongly refused this marriage and met Liang Shanbo in her boudoir to release her hearty love to him. Liang Shanbo died for strike from this shocking news, and Zhu Yingtai endeavored to see him for the last time after she heard of this sad news. On that day that Ma Wencai married her, what surprised all the present guests were the clothes Zhu Yingtai wore, the mourning dress! On the way, which passed through Liang Shanbo's tomb, to Ma's family, Zhu Yingtai insisted on seeing Liang's tomb. When her sedan chair reached his tomb, this poor girl cried her eyes out.

In a flash, it began to thunder, and the rain and wind occurred simultaneously. The tomb dehisced when the thunderbolt happened, and Zhu Yingtai quickly jumped into the tomb, then the thunder, rain and wind stopped instantly; the sun shined again. A couple of butterflies emerged and elegantly danced together in the sky with freedom. This is the love story with the tragic end which also could add some personalized characters for Hangzhou.

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