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More Traditional Restaurants

Hongni Chinese Casserole Restaurant.  Located at the foot of Wushan Hill near the scenic West Lake, Hangzhou's Hongni Chinese Casserole Restaurant engages in the traditional Chinese casserole cuisine, which combined the great taste of Hangzhou cooking with styles in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Ningbo. "Hongni" literally means "red earth" in Chinese. The restaurant developed many new casserole dishes at reasonable prices, which have successfully satisfied the traditional eating habit of many customers and some who love new and exotic taste.

The restaurant is spacious and having elegant exterior and interior decoration with glass walls reaching the floor, you can see various sceneries beside the West Lake such as the grand majestic Leifeng Pagoda and the Town God Tower while enjoying the delicious dishes. The Hangzhou's new cuisines here included Hongni Torn Chicken, Hongni Duck with Sauce, Hongni Crab Paste, and Pig foot with Sauce and so on. You can feel that the taste of this new restaurant can compare with the hundred-year old Louwailou!

Wangrunxing Restaurants.  Wangrunxing was established about a hundred years ago; with two restaurants that each of them has a business area around 500-600 m2. One of the signature dishes here is Qianlong's Fish Head. The story behind the dish is when Qianlong, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, went south to Hangzhou in spring. One day he climbed Wushan Hill alone in civilian wear, at noon, it suddenly rained so heavily and he hid himself under the eave of a local household located on the hill's foot. Meanwhile, he felt cold and hungry, and then he pushed the door, entered the house and asked for lunch. Mr. Wang Xiao'er, the master of the house, felt pity of that, so he used a piece of bean curd, which was the only one left in his house. By dividing the piece into two, he cooked the first half of the bean curd piece with spinach and used the other half to cook in a terrine with a half of a fish's head. Qianlong ate them and felt the taste extremely good. He still remembered that delicious dishes when he was back to Beijing. In the Spring Festival years later, Qianlong visited Hangzhou again, he gratefully repaid Wang by giving money for him to open a restaurant in Hefang Street at the foot of Wushan Hill and titled it as "Huangfan'er" literally meant "Emperor's Meal" and this was the former name for Wangrunxing Restaurant. Wang kept the restaurant painstakingly and his business was growing prosperously, and the Qianlong's Fish Head has become the timeless dish in Hangzhou.

Apart from this famous pot, Fish Ball Soup and Hangzhou's Three-Fresh are also well known. The ingredients of these dishes are of best choice thus giving the refreshing taste and they have won awards in many competitions. The restaurants were awarded as "Hangzhou's Famous F & B Brand"in 2004.

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