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Public Toilets

Public ToiletsThe thing that people who want to travel to China will most concern about is toilet's hygienic condition. Toilets in today's China are normally of the squatting type. They tend to be quite dirty, especially the toilets in the normal living quarters of the local people. Things are getting better now at least in Hangzhou and Shanghai, the two big cities in east China. At least in some places, where many tourists are, toilets are nice and clean. Chinese toilets in well-developed cities are definitely state of the art. But you will have to learn to deal with them otherwise your trip will be very short. Public toilets are maintained in a very bad way, normally toilet room consists of a hole in the ground or just a channel where you do your need. It will be very dirty with rancid stench. Some toilets have no flushing, while the modern ones are equipped with a bucket of water on the back. You'll find such toilets mainly at the long-distance bus stations, railway stations and remote streets. You won't get toilet paper, that's why rolls of toilet paper are must in your luggage. But toilets in most of the hotels are in "Western style".

Don't be afraid. In recent year, senses of urban hygiene and environmental awareness have been growing stronger and stronger in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Ecological and waste recycling public toilets have been introduced, and also some are having handicap-friendly facilities. Some toilets are with commercial advertisements installed inside. Generally clean public toilets in Hangzhou are free of charge even the ones along the scenic West Lake tourist areas, while in Shanghai they will charge you one RMB Yuan.

It is worth to be mentioned that there are some newly built 5-star public toilets in Hangzhou. They have very artistic exterior and interior designs. You will have a great aesthetic experience even when you are hearing the Nature calls.
Public ToiletsPublic Toilets
Public ToiletsPublic Toilets

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