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A bite of Lijiang

According to travelers, ten dishes you should not miss in the Old Town of Lijiang include:  Lijiang Baba, Chicken Bean Jelly(鸡豆凉粉), Chui Gan(吹肝), Mi Guan Chang(米灌肠), Yellow Soy Bean Nooddles(黄豆面), Qiguo Hotpot Chicken(汽锅鸡), Yongsheng Oil Tea(永胜油茶), Naxi Roasted Fish(纳西烤鱼), Smoked Sparerib Hotpot(Salted Rib,腊排骨) and Freshwater Salmon(淡水三文鱼).
Lijiang baba(丽江粑粑): it is made of flour, ham, oil and sugar. It is kind of oily and stingy, but features lingering fragrance. You can choose the salty ones or sweet ones. It will cost 4 to 8RMB each.

Lijiang baba

Aan Yogurt(阿安酸奶): this local brand yogurt resembles jelly which is very fresh and has many flavors. Such as original flavor yogurt, red bean flavor yogurt, fruits yogurt,etc. (Address: No.1, zhenxing Alley, Wuyi Road, Lijiang Old Town古城区五一街振兴巷1-1号) . Average cost per person: 7RMB


Aan Yogurt

Chicken Bean Jelly(鸡豆凉粉): Chicken Bean Snack can be prepared in hot dishes or cold dishes in winter and summer respectively. This snack will cost 1 to 2 RMB only.

Chicken Bean Snack

Black Goat Hotpot(黑山羊火锅): this mouth-watering cuisine is one of the most popular among the tourists. You can put various meat, vegetables, mushrooms and sea foods into the hotpot. The soup is yummy also.


Black Goat Hotpot

Air-dried Liver( Chui Gan,吹肝): it is another famous snack in lijiang. This air-dried and smoked liver features unique flavor.


Smoked Sparerib Hotpot(腊排骨火锅): it is so famous that almost every local restaurant serve this dish. 

 Smoked Sparerib Hotpot

Famous Restaurant in Lijiang Old Town

Amayi Naxi Snacks(阿妈意纳西美食): you can taste the most original flavor Naxi food here. If you prefer light flavor, you can tell them about this beforehand.Location: Little Stone Bridge, Wuyi Street, Lijiang Old Town(古城区古城五一街小石桥, Phone:0888-5309588) Average cost per person: 49RMB.

A Ma Yi Naxi Snacks

Laodaofang(Nagging Restaurant唠叨坊私房菜): sitting near Dashiqiao Hotel,Nagging Restaurant derives its name from its owner: a nagging senior aged woman. She owns and operates this little restaurant all by herself and can spare time to chat with her guests. Recommend dishes: Stewed Chicken with Yam and Smoked Sparerib Hotpot. Average cost per person: 33RMB.

Laodaofang Special dish: Stewed Chicken with Yam

Prague Cafe: it is the most ancient and famous cafe in Lijiang. Average cost per person: 41 RMB per person. (Location: No.80, Mishi Alley,Xinyi Street,新义街密士巷80)

What is the favorite Restaurant of local people?
Yongxiao Snack Restaurant(永霞小吃). Hiding among the Vegetable Market, it serves the first class dishes with most fair price. If you do not mind the just so so environment, you can try. No. 108, Zhongyi Wholesale Market, Lijiang Old Town(古城区忠义商贸综合批发市场108号)

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