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General Travel Tips of Lijiang


Lijiang Travel Tips :The downtown of Lijiang Old Town is 2418m above sea level. It is mountainous and most villages nestle among the basin areas. Between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain, two major mountains in Lijiang, scatter plateau meadows, lakes and virgin forest. Jingsha River, one part of the Yangtze River, flows through Lijiang old town and creates numerous natural spectacles such as Tiger Jumping Gorge.

Area code : 0888, 

post code : 674100.

Travel complaint hotline: 96927. Lijiang Tourism Complaint tel: 0888-5123432

There are three air ticket offices in town : airport office, tel.: 5173079 ; 

Lijiang Grand Hotel office : 5388888, and Fuhui Road Air Ticket Office : 5399999.

Long Distance Bus Station: located at Huancheng South Road, tel.: 5121106.

Best Travel Season: July and August are in the rainy season, during which the worst time to visit Lijiang, it is due to the fact that the roads and highways are prone to flooding and landslide, which will badly affect your itinerary. The best periods to visit Lijiang are April, May, September and October, during which the weather is the most pleasant. If you like snowy scene, you may visit here during January to March, but as the trend of global warming, you can only experience it by chance !

Minority Groups in Lijiang: There are seven minority groups live in Lijiang: Naxi Minority(纳西族), Lisu Li-Su Lisaw(傈僳族), Dai Minority(傣族), Bai Minority(白族), Pumi Minority(普米族) and the Tibetans(藏族).

Special Tips

1 bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen

2 Autumn and winter is dry here, please bring moisturizing cream

3 To avoid high altitude sickness, you are not advised to exercise too much in Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Eat more vegetables and fruits will enhance your immunity to high altitude sickness. Those who have high pressure blood or heart disease, should be extremely careful when climbing this mountain.

4 If you want to hike Tiger Jumping Gorge, please equip yourself from head to toe and go with a team, rather than alone.

5 Please respect local customs

6 Do not drink the spring directly like the local people do. If you had to drink, use a cup and see if there is leech.

 7 When you are walking amid the forest, please tight up your trousers’ bottoms. And wear a scarf to protect your neck from insects’ bite. Watch out the bees and do not disturb them.

8 Keep your ticket of Lijiang Old Town maintain Fee. From January 6 to July 6, there is a sweepstake activity, and the lucky one will win 200thousand RMB.

9 Map: To avoid get lost in the maze of lanes, you can follow the streams when tour around, and go against the streams when you are leaving.

10 Hotels here offer the first class service, and if you book in advance, you will enjoy many benefits. Many hotels will offer free pick-up service if you stay for 2 to 3 nights. They can also help your to book the tickets for Naxi Ancient Music Performance and Impression of Lijiang and save you 20RMB. Besides, they will offer you discount card of bars here without charging you service fees.

11 Hot water: Many hotels in Lijiang usually supplies 50L hot water which only lasts half a hour.

12 Air conditioner: There is no air conditioner in Lijiang. Partly due to the weather here is nice and in winter, there are electricity blankets to keep you warm.

13 Shopping: If you want to buy something in Lijiang Old Town, you can ask your guide your hotel owner to negotiate the price for you.

14 The temperature varies dramatically within one day, thus you are advised to bring enough clothes. Even in summer, it can be cool during night.

15 Prepare enough battery and a good camera when you are touring around Lijiang Old Town.

16 It is necessary to buy a map here, which will cost 4 to 8RMB. If you plan to hike the snow mountain, you can buy a oxygen tank which will only cost 10RMB here.

17 Internet: bars are your tops choices to use internet. It will charge 5 to 10RMB per hour.

18 Bank: In Lijiang Old Town, there are no foreign banks. You can use the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Postal Service Bank of China.

19 Cellphone: after you enter the mountainous areas, the signals of your cellphone will be very weak or no signals at all.

20 Photography: The best time to take shoot of Lijiang Old Town is during morning. If you want to take a panorama photo of Lijiang Old Town, there are two choices: Muwangfu(Wuwang Residence,木王府) or Wenchanggong(Wenchang Mansion文昌宫); Do not miss Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Notice that in summer, there is no so much snow in this mountain. If you want to see snows, time your visit during January or February, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will look stunning covered with snows and glaciers; Lashi Lake is a must-see. You can camp near the lake to enjoy the sunrise and sunset and take amazing photos here.


Interior of Muwang Residence



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