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Lijiang Naxi Festival and Events

Bangbang Festival(棒棒会): During each January 15 (lunar calendar), the Bangbang Festival will kick off in Lijiang Od Town. This festival themed with trade, flower exhibition, religion and folklore performance will last for three days.

Bangbang Festival: children dress the traditional Dongba religion costumes


Bangbang Festival: Naxi people play the ancient music

Sanduo Festival(三朵节):Each February 8(lunar calendar) will witness the Sanduo Festival take place in Lijiang Old Town. As the most grand traditional festival of Naxi people, Sanduo Festival is staged to pay homage to their protection god: Sanduo. In that day, Naxi people will hold a carnival accompanied with various festivities include Naxi Ancient Music Performance, sing, dance, horse racing or picnicking .

Sanduo Festival

Dongba Festival( 东巴会):Each March 5(lunar calendar) will see the Dongba Festival take place in Jade Water Village(yushui village,玉水寨). Naxi people will dress up and gather at the Dongbashenluo Temple during early morning, burning the incense to worship their god and ancestors. Dongba, their religion leaders, will chant the prayer script and carry out bewildering rituals. 

Dongba Festival

Dongba Festival


Dongba Festival

Dongba Festival: one Dongba performs the ritual

Torch Festival(火把节): Each June 25 to 27, Naxi people will hold the thrilling Torch Festival in Lijiang old town and their own villages. According to ancient rules, it will last for three nights. Naxi people will place a giant torch in the front of their doors. While Naxi youths will hold a long and tiny torch in hand, running along the rice fields or mountains and singing the songs. The burning torch is deemed as an auspicious sign by Naxi people.

Naxi People's Torch Festival

Naxi People's Torch Festival


Naxi People's Torch Festival

Naxi People's Torch Festival

July Festival(七月会): July Festival is another important festival of Naxi people. It occurs each middle July according to lunar calendar and mainly involves trading of horse or cow,s, thus is nicknamed as Horse Trade Festival. During this 10-day-long festival, naxi people will bring their livestocks, herbs and various specialties and throng into Lijiang ancient town. It is a very good opportunity to have a glimpse of local people’s life.

Zhuanshan Festival( 转山节): Zhuanshan Festival usually take place on July 25(lunar calendar), it is the most important festival of Mosuo people. July 25 is the birthday of Mosuo people’s ancestor. On this day, Mosuo people will dress up and perform various activities such as pay homage to their female god, sing, dance and find a potential walk marriage partner.


Zhuanshan Festival of Mosuo Peole

Mosuo men and women on their way to Zhuanshan Festival


Zhuanshan Festival occurs each July 25

Mosuo People take this chance to find their walking marriage partner


Night Life: go to a Bar : Thanks to its colorful and inviting bar culture, Lijiang is known as the most romantic city in China. Half of Lijiang old town’s charm derives from here. Bars here fall into two categories: one is very noisy and high bars and the other is themed bars with quite environment.

Watch the Shows: Impression of Lijiang or Lishui Gold Sand: Both shows can offer you a vision feast of lijiang’s picturesque scenery and its alluring culture and custom. However, they are different in style, the former is grand, imposing and modern , while the latter is imbued with classic flavor and more pure culture content. Impression of Lijiang will be staged in Jade Drago Snow Mountain, and it costs 190RMB. Lishui Gold Sand will be staged in Lijiang Ethnic Culture Exchange Theater. It is priced at 140-180RMB.

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