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Tree Peony --- The Emperor of Flowers


tree peony Tree Peony as Chinese unique kind of flower has thousands of years’ history for widely planting and cultural symbolization. A mass of people consider Tree Peony as Chinese national flower because it was extremely popularized in Tang Dynasty when China was at the peak time. It was said that Concubine Yang of Emperor Tang Xuanzong liked Tree Peony very much; so at the time, Tree Peony was nationwide welcomed and planted. Traditionally Tree Peony was personalized as the rich and honorable gentleman and gentlewoman. So generally Tree Peony symbolizes affluence and authority. In other words, Tree Peony is the Emperor among the flowers.

Tree Peony is featured of the big flower, good shape, beautiful look and fragrant smell. For many generations, Tree Peony is highly appreciated and valued as herb. Since Qin and Han Dynasties, Tree Peony as the herb was written in many historical records or some academic works like Shennongbencaojing(神农本草经, Emperor Shennong’s Herbal Classic ). And it is also mentioned in many other subjects such as botany, gardening, druggery, geography, literature, art and folklore. It is also one essential part of Chinese Culture. Historically, Tree Peony is also one of the materials that widely used in literary creations. Tree Peony as the cultural representative was firstly shown in Book of Songs, roughly 3000 years of history. Since then, Tree Peony like orchid and lotus was widely written in different generations. Tree Peony Culture is the mingled flower of Spiritual Civilization and Material Civilization. In history, the Tree Peony in Luoyang City is the best and most famous. There are two kinds of Tree Peony in Luoyang, one is Yellow Tree Peony and the other is the Purple Tree Peony. Currently Tree Peony has been selected to be the city flower. Annually Luoyang Tree Peony Festival is largely held.

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