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Manchu Nationality

Manchu Nationality(满族Mǎnzú)is one of the 56 ethnic groups of People's Republic of China.In the history of China, it is pretty much like a bright star for it is the only minority ethnic group who establishes two dynasties in the Central Plains and one of the two is the famous grand unification empire Qing(AD1644—AD1911).
Brief Introduction of Manchu Nationality 
Chinese Name: 满族Mǎnzú
English Name: Manchu people, Manchu Nationality
Language: Chinese is a common language and Manchu Language is only used by linguists and some old Manchus in the villages in Heilongjiang Province.
Population: 10,708,464 (according to the census in 2000, just lower than the Han’s and the Zhuang’s)
Religion: Shamanism in the ancient time and later Buddhism
Living area: Most of them live in Liaoning Province in the northeast China. Others live scattered in Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hebei,Inne Mongolia,Xinjiang, Gansu and Shandong,etc.Some live in Beijing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Xian,Yinchuan, etc.
Manchu's costume:

Ancestors of Manchu people live in the northeast China. In order to adapt the chill climate, they choose gowns to be the daily dress for preventing the cold air. In the middle of Ming Dynasty, the design of Han people’s lammy was absorbed into Manchu's costume. After the found of the Qing Dynasty, Manchu’s noblemen popularized their costumes all over the country. When came to the Republic of China, some fashion element of western dress were borrowed into Manchu’s costume then the modern cheongsam(qí páo旗袍) went to the history stage. Nowadays, cheongsam becomes the traditional costume for Chinese female, especially Han people and Manchu People. 

 Manchu's wedding

 Manchu women's hair decoration

 Manchu women's high-heel shoe

As a nomad, Manchu people are good at mounted archery. In order to avoid blocking the sight, Manchu’s male shave all head hair out and braid the back hair into a plait to adapt the jolts causing by the riding. This men’s hair style was forced to carry on in the Qing Dynasty. The hair decorations on the top of Manchu women’s heads are called “旗头”in Chinese, usually are worn on joyous festivals or receiving VIPs.


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